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I just purchased this air pump & currently only have 1 nozzle in use. The installation directions state to cap off unused nozzles but I am unsure how to do this...
Has anyone done this & with what materials.
Thanks in advance!A4C2A946-C4A6-468A-B298-B360FC519188.jpeg


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Hi Toothless,
I can answer your question. A short piece of air line connected to one of the spare outlets then lopped around and connected to another blocks off two outlets.
A third you can add a short piece with a clothes peg around a folded end. Or even a simple knot in the short piece of air line.

NOW MORE information.
The pump will have a lot of back pressure if you only run one outlet. It may not last as long with the back pressure.
With All large pumps it is recommended to bleed off back pressure by just letting the air escape. In your case running an air stone on one of the extra outlets would lower the back pressure.

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