Can't Tell If Shrimp Is Pregnant.

  1. Simon711

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    Hello all! So I have 10 g Walstad tank and one of the things in it were two sunkist orange shrimp. Just now I found one of them, the one i believed to be the male, dead in the powerhead grate. It is a super small power head so i'm not sure how it could have trapped him there. I tested my water and everything is at 0ppm. I put a piece of vegetable sleeve over the grate for now. I only have one shrimp left now and I'm wondering if I can tell if she is pregnant. I read that you can sometimes tell by if they have a saddle, but I am not sure. She does appear to have a white saddle like shape on her back. Do shrimp eggs only get fertilized once they are berried? Will I need to buy another shrimp?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Floundering_Around

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