Cant seem to get rid of ick

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by endlerfreak1, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. endlerfreak1

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    I have an ick problem in my 10 and 20 long tanks. I had ick before in the ten which is my qt.

    I had guppy fry and I started to have a problem with alge growth so I went and got two plecos. Since I did not have a qt, I could not watch them the way I wanted to.

    They didn't look like they had ick at the time but after a week I started to see signs of it, fish rubbing on the bottom, I then seen the white spots so I went out and got meds for it, that was Thanksgiving day and I have yet to get rid of it.

    Before they showed the first symptoms I had moved a plant from my at I have raised the temp in the ten to almost 90 with the meds any help would be greatly thanked.
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  2. Eienna

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    You might want to work on your punctuation and grammar. It would make you much easier to understand. ;) For a moment I thought you meant you had those plecos in the 10 or 20g! Looking at your profile, though, it seems more likely you have them in the 55.

    What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings?
    Along with the rise in temperature you will want to do gravel vacuums every 3 days or so. Which meds are you using? I find Kordon Rid-Ich Plus works, though it stains anything it can blue. You probably don't need the meds on top of it if you're doing the gravel vacuums.
  3. OP

    endlerfreak1New MemberMember

    I am using AP quick cure. I ran out of test stuff last week bu I will be getting some tomorrow morning. I still have ph test and that is reading at 7.2. I will update in the morning what the test say
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    Either do the meds or the raised temp, but not both.

    If you do the raised temps, make sure you have plenty of aeration. Add air stones if you have to. And at this time, do not share equipment between the two tanks. Or do they both have ich (or pick as you called it)? I was having a hard time understanding what you were talking about.
  5. Eienna

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    I do not think quick cure would be effective against ich, because you cannot kill the ich while it's still on the fish; you need something more long-term.

    Are you sure it's ich? The spots will look like salt sprinkles on the fish.

    I ask about your parameters because if your tank conditions are out of whack, it'll make diseases easier to catch and harder to get rid of.
  6. OP

    endlerfreak1New MemberMember

    Sorry its been a few days Christmas was crazy. I tested the levels in the tank 0 0 5 like it always is. I stopped the quick cure. I have been doing water changes and gravel vacuum the ick is gone now in both tanks. thank you for the advice with this
  7. Jaysee

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    Quick cure is very effective against ich.
  8. Eienna

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    Ok, glad everything's better! (Yeah, that comment on the Quick Cure was a guess. I should have made that more clear.)
  9. grfresconero

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    I solved my ich problem by changing,my gravel it was infested.
  10. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    I've done a bit of Editing in your post #1 above to create paragraphs, added some punctuation, and corrected some typos. When a post is difficult to read, your responses may be limited.

    Type the best that you can so that you will receive as many responses as possible. :)

    So glad to hear that the ICH is gone. :) Best wishes for your tank and fish.