Can't get rid of BLACK ALGEA

Discussion in 'Algae' started by AwNuts, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Well i been having an issue with black algae for a little while now. All of my fake plants and decor is getting covered in this black algae that just won't go away. My Chinese algae eater will not do anything about it. I tried algae control, reduce feeding, constant filter clean, water changes and lots of scrubbing and it will eventually appear once again.

    Does anyone know what is the best way to get rid of it.
  2. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Can you post a pic of the algae so that we can ID it? If not do your best to describe it's appearance & where exactly it is growing in the tank. Knowing what sort of algae it sis could potentially change the way it needs to be treated.

    PS: Chinese Algae Eaters are useless at eating algae!! Go figure.:) They are nasty fish & you are better off getting rid of it before it gets big & starts trying to bully everything else in the tank.

  3. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    i will take pics of the Algae tonight.

    but the algae is only growing on the ornaments and a bit on the fake plants, but mostly only the ornaments (it is completely turning my ornaments black in color). The glass is super clear. My water is crystal clear no fogginess. My filter gets a bit dirty so i always clean it. Also my filter suction tube gets a tad bit of black algae.

    The existing black aglae in my tank is not furry, it almost appears just as your standard green algae but black in color.

    My rocks don't seem to get any black algae on it.

  4. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    as requested here are a couple of examples. i was going to take more pictures but my battery died lol


  5. AwNutsValued MemberMember


    the black algae found in my tank is not fuzzy nor hairy
  6. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    anyone have any experience with this black aglae
  7. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    I"ve searched around but can't find anything that looks just like your algae. It almost appears to be diatoms but the layering looks too thick. If you can provide some information we can work out how to best deal with it anyway I think. What are the water parameters? How much lighting do you have & how long is it on for? Is the tank exposed to direct or bright sunlight? How long has the tank been set up for?

    I don't believe you have live plants in this tank, (correct me if I'm wrong), so I won't worry about co2 or fertilisers.
  8. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    same here, i have been searching around for this type of algae and honestly i can't figure it out. The layering is really thick which does cover the ornaments pretty well.
    Water parameters are normal. The tank has the florescent lighting which it was included in the kit when i purchased the tank. The light is only on for a period of 13 to 15 hours max, pretty much daytime. The tank is not exposed to direct or bright sunlight. The tank has already been up for a good while.

    As i mentioned earlier it is pretty weird that all of a sudden im hassle ling with this black algae as i have never had a problem with it before. No changes has been done to the tank since day one. No additions of ornaments have been done, pretty much the ornaments that you see on the pic and my sig are the same ones since day one. My water has always been crystal clear, glass is always clean and i do regular maintenance. My fishes are healthy and i have not had a problem with any one of them except only two, a blue dwarf that suffered from fin rot and passed away and a rainbow shark that got bloated and passed away. Other than that the other fishes have been healthy with no signs of sickness.

    This **** plague is really making me scratch my skull.

    I already added algae control and no fix.
    currently i haven't had live plants for a while already so the answer is no.
  9. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    The first tip is don't use algae control chemicals. Without fail they are bad news & most of them will kill the bacteria in your filter messing up your cycle.

    What are "normal" test results & are you using paper or liquid tests? What many people regard as normal is in fact not normal at all. I need exact readings to rule out water quality problems. I would start by changing the lighting cycle. It sounds like you don't have a timer to control the lights & that could well be part of the problem. Irregular lighting hours can definitley cause algae problems. Get a $5 timer & set it to run the lights for just 10-12hrs each day. Split the light cycle in two halves. Have the lights come on for 5-6hrs in the morning, then off for 4-6hrs then back on again for 5-6hrs in the evening. This will stop the algae being able to photosynthisis as efficiently & will slow or even stop it's growth. This light cycle will not effect your fish in any way. Also how many watts is the light? Intensity is as important as duration. Also when exactly was the tank established? Diatoms can hang around for up to 2yrs if the lighting isn't intense enough.
  10. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    Well i don't remember the exact water parameters as i tested the water a couple weeks ago. I had my cousin bring over his liquid test kit as i ran out of mine. The tank has been established for about 2 years and 4 months or in that ball park. lighting hours has not changed since day one so it could be possible that i need to cut back on how long i have the light on. On the exact wattage of the florescent bulbs i will need to check once i get home as i cannot remember from the top of my head. the lighting is always off all night long and it won't be turned on until 8am and shut off by 9pm the latest. Or there have been days where the lights don't come on until mid day till 9pm when my wife is off work those days.

    other than that im considering not turning on the light for a whole week and covering the tank during the day time along with some water changes.
  11. hop2jrValued MemberMember

    Nutter is right break up the lighting time will help. I had this problem and about every algea known to man at one time. I found that even on plant you can use bleach as a last resort. On plants delute it 20 parts water to 1 part beach soak for no more then 2min then soak in tap water with 4 time the normal Prime or declorifier you use. Also don't soak the plant roots at all or there dead. if you are doing rocks or decorations soak them for 5min with a 10 to 1 mixer and then soak angain with 5 time the prime. Should kill it dead. With breaking up the lighting with the max 12hrs on shouldn't come back.Good luck.
  12. hop2jrValued MemberMember

    Also have you ever change out the bulbs? even if they don't burn out they should be changed once a year or they start changing color which will cause algea growth. with plants you should stay around 6500K algea loves 2500k to 5500k (pink/red light spectrum).
  13. AwNutsValued MemberMember

    oh no way, never knew about the bulb situation. I may consider switching the light bulbs as well.

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