Can't Get Disease To Clear Up

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    Ok, so I just got a new 75 gallon to swap out my old 75 while I eventually repair its seams. Some of my fish developed a sickness a few weeks back. I began treatment and it was supposed to be done but then I noticed it was still there.

    Treated with Metroplex and Kanaplex, full course of each, separately. Treated whole tank.

    Cyrrently I have White Clouds and Rosy barbs snd the temp is often in the upper 60s, lower 70s.

    Barbs show no outward signs but a few will tilt downward shile sitting still every now and then, the others won't. Like a trance. They will snap out of it and resume normal activity afterwards.

    The minnows have a wider range:
    -most have white fuzz on their mouths
    -one had popeye but the Kanaplex cleared it up
    -one is super bloated but not pineconing
    -one had a cloudy film over its eye but I haven't seen it dince kanaplex started

    No fish have clamped fins and all are eating and exploring. No fighting.

    What should I try treating with now?

    -100% tank swap now to the 75 and just rely on clean water and a fresh tank? (All objects will be sanitized with gravel put away until I can re-setup the tank I'm repairing)

    -Place all minnows and two odd barbs in 20 gallon for more powerful treatment.

    -Treat tank as is then fo everything else.

    I lost two fish to it over the course of a month. One deformed danio (moved the danios to a warmer tank and they are free of disease, as are the bn pleco and otos that used to be in the 75 before rearrangement do I could go below 72 degrees) and one minnow.

    The minnows are about 3 years old and were feeders so it makes sense their immune system is a bit weak.

    Disease came from new betta after accidental cross contamination. Yes, he was in my betta qt tank.

    Parameters read 0 for am/ite and about 10-20 ate as I haven't changed the water yet this week (tank is lightly stocked atm).
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    Giving this a bump up for you