Can't Find Fluval Spec V Gen 2 Led

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So the other day I got a Spec V for about half off, and it is the older model. I do not like the LED. It sags, isn't bright enough and feels flimsy and poorly constructed.

I cannot find the updated light with the touch sensor on top. There was one website, Pet Warehouse, but the power supply used a European socket configuration.

Can anyone link me to a place to buy the updated Spec V light? I'll use another brand like Finnex if I have to but wanted to keep the overall aesthetic of the tank intact.
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Maybe call Fluval?

I haven’t seen replacement parts for any Specs in my area.

If you can’t find a replacement, it would kinda look cool if you hung the finned light a couple of inches above the tank.
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I emailed Fluval...or Hagen and they sent me an email that stated the light had to be ordered via phone... They sent the correct phone number to reach them for that. The light does cost $54 so I decided to order a Nicrew planted light for about $24. If you would like the info perhaps I can get it for you, but I'm not positive they would like it shared on a public forum. I could at least get you to the correct website to email them. Hagan owns Fluval so I'm not sure which site I used to reach them.
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They sent me a replacement because my current LED was faulty and the tank was under warranty.
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Oh...sorry. I didn't see how old the post was. It popped up in the recent questions, but idk why. Glad you got your light! The old light wasn't much to talk about but I had a fixture that was driving me nuts with algae growth so I temporarily put the original light on until I found another that might be okay.

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