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Can't Figure Out What Is Wrong...

  1. Laluffel

    Laluffel New Member Member

    So I've slowly been losing fish. It first started with Camallanus nematodes that we treated with Levamisole. We've since added some new fish, despite quarantining are now having problems. The first fish to get sick and die was one of my Dwarf Gouramis. He was always weaker than the other one, never really thrived and one day he had Dropsy so we culled him. I lost a Platy, but I think she was killed by the Serpae Tetras (I only had 5 at the time and they were aggressive, I know have 10).

    I've noticed the platys just not looking as healthy and robust as they should. No real symptoms other than being slightly more reclusive. They have had stringy white almost clear poops. I thought worms so I treated them with PraziPro. That didn't do anything. Since I had added new fish and didn't treat them for Camallanus in QT I went ahead and treated the main tank to be safe. I do think we had some Camallanus because some fish improved, but not everyone.

    I just lost another Platy mysteriously tonight. He has been reclusive, clamped fins, but no other symptoms... coming out to eat. Well suddenly tonight he too had dropsy, red gills and a red spot the size of his gill between his eyes onto of his head... not hole in the head, looked nothing like any case of hole in the head I've seen. We culled him too sicne he had Dropsy and I've never had any luck treating Dropsy.

    We have high pH from out water, somewhere above 7.6, probably around 8, but the tank has always had high pH and not seemed to be a problem. As of 4 days ago the ammonia was 0, tonight it was 0.25 ppm. No other fish are showing signs of ammonia poisoning at this time so I think there is something else going through the tank. Other symptoms are occasional flashing on objects... like only a few times a day, and one platy goes up to the other fish and shimmys. Not sure how else to describe it. Two of the older more established platys just kind of hang out around the driftwood with loosely clamped fins. I still have stringy white poop from just about all the Platys (I have yet to see a tetra poop) and the only thing left that I know of that can cause it are flagellates. I'm not really sure what to do other than a water change. My tank has live plants too, which limits what medications I can use. Any help in trying to figure out what is going on would be appreciated.
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Might as well ask, what are your nitrites and nitrates?

    Since the Levamisole seemed to help I would be inclined to do another round of treatment. Camallanus worms are tenacious.
  3. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    You never said how big the tank is, and how many fish are in it. You also didn't say how long you had had the dying fish.

    You are describing a bacterial outbreak, usually from poor stock bought at the store combined with shaky tank maintenance. There are more things in water than ammonia. How often do you do partial water changes?

    Also, what is your water hardness?

    And finally, you did do three rounds of levamisole over 3 weeks before you added anything new, right?

    Consider your source of fish. Stores that sell Camallanus are not reliable. They are buying from very slack (read cheap) fish farms, and if you get the nematodes from a store, change sellers. What you save is canceled out by what dies.
  4. OP

    Laluffel New Member Member

    I don't know what the nitrites and nitrate levels are yet... I ordered the test kits and I'm still waiting 2 weeks later for them to come. I live in Hawaii so it takes awhile unfortuntely.

    I am finishing up the latest treatment of Levamisole, tonight my husnad will be home to do the water change (I'm 8 months pregnant and lifting the water containers is beyond my capability at the moment).

    Our tank is 55 gallons with 2 Hagen Aquaclear 50 gal filters hooked up.
    1 Dwarf Gourami, 1 3' Pleco, 10 Serpae tetras, 7 Platys.

    We try to do a water change every 10 days, sometimes it goes to 20 days if my husbands work schedule gets too crazy.

    I believe our water hardness was between 200 and 250 ppm. Our test strips got wet and I haven't been able to check to see if that has changed... maybe due to evaporation and mineral build up (we are on well water).

    I followed the protocol for Levamisole I found online... the source is escaping me at the moment, but it was do 3 days of treatment, water change and repeat in 3 weeks.

    Unfortunately I live in Hawaii and our sources for fish are limited. I had to have my mom go and buy the Levamisole and mail it to me because I could not find it here and every LFS looked at me like I 30 heads when I asked for it. They kept trying to sell me Prazipro, and I had to explain its nematodes a totally different kind of internal parasite. I miss living in the contiguous US where I could drive to better stores.
  5. OP

    Laluffel New Member Member

    Also the Dwarf Gourami and platys I've lost were from when I originally stocked the tank 6 months ago. The original two stockings I did have the fish that have been struggling the most. I agree it seems bacterial combined with not doing enough water changes. I do test the water every few days to monitor the levels I can. My guess is there is some secondary bacterial infection from where the nematodes of dislodged themselves from the treatment. Any suggestions on something I can order to have on hand... I'm trying to build up my supplies since I have limited resources here.
  6. OP

    Laluffel New Member Member

  7. N

    NightShade Well Known Member Member

  8. KinsKicks

    KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Any updates now?

    Levamisole is strong; especially with fish that are already weakened,it does a number to the internal organs, especially the kidney, and is most likely why they're getting dropsy beforehand. And, when your using this med, it's almost expected that you lose fish during the process because of the strength.

    Just out of curiosity, when did you notice you had the worms?