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Canister on a 75 gallon tank

  1. LpPb5

    LpPb5 New Member Member

    I'm going to do an African cichlid tank in a 75 gallon planted aquarium... What filters would be best I want a very quiet filter and would prefer only one if there are any good hob filters than okay.. In all I just mainly want a very quiet filter
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Bumping this up for you
  3. RockLobster

    RockLobster Valued Member Member

    Hey LpPb5! So I would honestly suggest a Sunsun 404b canister filter. You can find them online for under 100 dollars. The Sunsun 404b is rated for aquariums up to 170 gallons with a 525 gph. Currently have 2 for my 125g, over filtration at this amount isn't bad. This filter has great reviews and is not only reliable but affordable compare to big name brands like fuval. Since you're getting a cichlids tank I highly suggest this certain type of filter. If it weren't for the water flow from the outtake, I would have to touch my filter to see if it's on due to its pure quietness. Now having a canister filter isn't worth it if you're not setting it up right though. I would look up YouTube under pondguru to show you how to set up one properly.