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Hello. We currently have a 75g with an Aqueon QuietFlo 75 HOB filter.

We are considering ADDING a canister filter to the setup since we also have plants in the tank and want to ensure we have adequate filtration. Not knowing a lot about canister filters, any tips on which brands/sizes, etc would be appropriate for our setup? We have a wet/dry on our other tank, but I'm not familiar with the working mechanisms of canisters. does anything special have to be done to the tank to add one?

Note: we aren't currently overstocked in our tank - just being proactive.

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I have an API Filstar on my 29, and it's rated for tanks up to 45 gallons. The inner workings are simple. A tray with coarse foam for big bits, then media (Seachem Matrix) and purigen (instead of activated carbon), then fine foam for little bits. My dad's tank has a larger Filstar on it, it has two or three trays, and probably has a higher gpm, but the innards are otherwise the same, just with more. The instructions list manufacturer's recommendation for what order to put stuff in. Since the water more or less flows down the sides, and up the middle, coarse goes on bottom to get the big stuff, and fine goes on top to hold the media in place, and catch the stragglers.

If your HOB is rated up to 75g, you're meeting the minimum, you could probably get away with a smaller canister, or one rated up to 75g. I've been stopping to read boxes, because I was trying to figure out what to use for my 5g. Ratings are usually a range. So my Aqueon 10 is for 5-10 gallons, if I had a 10g tank, I'd want the Aqueon 20, which is for 10-20 gallons. Your Aqueon 75 is probably for 50-75 gallons, which to me, means it's more suited to a 50 gallon tank, with a "perfect" to slightly overstocked bioload, or an understocked 75g.

Overfiltering is good, but don't over do it, or you'll batter your fish in the current, and waste a lot of money on something you don't need. Sorta like loading a single bag of rice on a train, to go ten miles.

I hope that's helpful, even if I went a little absurd.
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