Canister filter without a sump?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Filter' started by tigerlanding, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. tigerlandingNew MemberMember

    Hello, I have a question about a recent upgrade I made. I have 55g saltwater tank that had a hang on bio wheel filter that sprung a leak. I went to PETCO and they recommended I upgrade to a canister filter(Cascade 1000). Anyway, I went to the local fish store today and told the guy I tossed my bio wheel for this canister filter. His jaw dropped and he said I probably lost most of my beneficial bacteria. I have live rock but he thinks that the wheel carried most of the bacteria and assured me the fish had about 10 days to live. He also said the canister filters would not sustain bacteria due to lack of oxygen in the canister. I panicked and bought a bottle of Live Nitrifying Bacteria as he said it would get me a couple of weeks to figure out how I will get a sump/refugium into my system. Is the sump nessessary? How will I know if the bacteria is enough on my live rock? Any signes before my fish die off?
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    you definitely lost your beneficial bacteria by throwing away any old media (your bio wheel) im guessing you tossed the regular filter to if it had one? now your tank basicaly has to be cycled ans ive gotta be honest ive tried three different brand out there on the market to boost the cycle and none of them seemed to have helped witht th possible exception of tetra safe start, your live rock does carry bacteria, but probably not enough, can you go to a lfs and ask for some used filter media or do you have another tank you could borrow some from? i myself have never had luck going to the lfs and scoring some nice bacteria infested filter media but maybe you will. I also wonder if this dude is basically saying canister style filters dont work, on that note i disagree. im sure the advice will keep coming. i also just realized im not sure if tetra safe start comes in saltwater form, theres a new product out called quick start sold specifically at petland that does offer a saltwater application, i have no experience with it. good luck man
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    Canister filters are often not recommended because they are considered to be Nitrate Factories. However since I don't currently have the room for a Sump I use a canister filter with live rock rubble as the media. Eventually I'll get a better sump going when I can find some room. 65lbs of live rock should be enough to sustain your bio filteration. I would however invest in a protien skimmer. Your LFS should have probably steered you more toward a Protien Skimmer as an upgrade versus the canister filter IMO. Also, I'm not sure I would have used the Live Nitrifying bacteria for fear that it might start a new mini cycle. However others may have a different opinion. Hope this helps.
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