Canister Filter Media Question (carbon + Media Bags)

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by EmmaBudgie, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. EmmaBudgie

    EmmaBudgieValued MemberMember

    Hi All

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a Eheim 2217 canister filter. It is a good filter and seems to work well. My filter media goes (from bottom/intake to top/outtake in the filter):

    - Coarse sponge
    - Ceramic Noodles
    - Fine sponge
    - Eheim substat
    - Fine sponge

    My questions are this:
    1. None of my media are in bags (second hand filter, I copied what the previous person did and they didn't use bags), which makes it a nightmare to clean. Does everybody here use the bags and are they okay? If I want to transfer my media (the noodles and substrat) to bags for ease of cleaning. Do I just wash the new bags in tank water then when doing my cleaning of the filter, put the media in the bags? Don't want to mess up the bacteria.
    2. I am going to be soon running carbon in my filter to remove some medication (levamisole). Can I just put the carbon on top of my other media in a bag? And how long do I keep the carbon in the filter to ensure the meds are completely removed? (Sorry have never used carbon).

    Also, if anyone has any thoughts on my media or its arrangement in the canister I would be happy to hear them :)

  2. tocandesu

    tocandesuWell Known MemberMember

    1. I use bags, and I don't want to think what I would have to do without them xD. Yup, just swish it around tank water
    2. You can put it on the other media in its own bag. I'm not sure how long you'll need to run it in the tank, unfortunately. :(
  3. Piaelliott

    PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    Bottom to top
    Coarse sponge
    Eheim substrate (balls)
    Fine filter
    + Extra floss if needed

    The noodles catch the big debris, the balls are biological.

    I have the Eheim 2215. Occasionally I unhook it, put it on the counter, turn bottom valve into sink and open valves. Open top, flush with tank water or treated water, all the gunk comes out and inspect fine filter, wash out or replace as necessary. I use a Fluval fine filter, cheaper and easier to get.

    It is no big deal, because of the flushing with water it cleans nicely without having to get everything out. I only cleaned the coarse blue filter once in 7 months.

    I also use a large pre-filter (Filter Max) on the intake which I rinse out weekly, it catches lots of stuff.

    Carbon filter goes on top, leave no longer than 2 weeks in there.

    Hope that helps :)

  4. OP

    EmmaBudgieValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the feedback guys. My filter has only been running 4 months and only a couple of those will a small amount of fish, so it isn't too dirty :) I've actually only cleaned it once since running it (when I thought maybe a dead fish got in there... he hadn't) But hoping to clean it when I run the carbon in it anyway. So paranoid about my precious bacteria.

    @Piaelliott I also have an Eheim 2215 (not currently being used). My experience with the 2217 is good, I got them both second hand for free from someone helping me get into the hobby so I can complain :)

    When you say the ceramic noodles catch large debris, are they also biological? That is why I put the coarse sponge before the noodles. I only added the substrat (not the balls btw, I think that is the substrat pro? Mine is just substrat looks like little rocks) a couple of months ago. And my tank cycled without the substrat, the only biological media I put in there was the noodles (well I thought they were biological, at the advise of lfs haha).
  5. goldfishbeginner

    goldfishbeginnerNew MemberMember

    Ahh I think ya got it wrong ceramic rings are definitely bio media.

    Of I were you I would only wash the first fine sponge stage. Perhaps the second fine sponge too if you want. The final course sponge is for water polishing.. (mechanical Filtration) but also doubles as a bio filter. So I wouldn't rinse that one either. I wouldn't rinse the ceramic bio rings or ehiem substrat at all unless they're really mucked up. Gotta be careful cleaning your filter.. don't spray it with cold tap water or anything.
  6. Piaelliott

    PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    The way the Eheim filter is set up is that the water enters from the bottom and goes up through the filter. So the last media, the one you see, is the fine filter media. Do you have an Eheim filter???

    Here is explained, what the noodles do. BTW, everything is at one point biological media because BB adheres to everything. : Eheim AEH2507051 Mech Filter Media for Aquarium, 1-Liter : Pet Supplies

    Product description
    Eheim Ehfi Mech Mechanical Filter Media The Eheim Ehfi Mech Mechanical Filter Media offers optimum water values and perform different functions in the water setting. The media offers a coarse surface, and is used where water enterst the filter process. This mechanical filter medium offers effective water treatment with long-lasting results. Features: . Easy to clean and can be used several times . Hollow ceramic cylinders for mechanical filtration . Traps solid dirt particles at the water inflow and ensures an even flow of water through the filter . Can be washed under lukewarm water . Pre-filter mechanical filtration . Traps large-sized debris . Re-usable, cost effective Item Specifications: Size: 1 Liter, 5 Liter
  7. Piaelliott

    PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    Look at this link. It describes the filter well. There is a pic attached by how the media should be layered, Eheim's manual.
    Unfortunately I didn't find the earlier, so I had to write a novel myself :)

    Eheim Classic canister filters - a guide to setup, maintanence & tips and tricks
  8. goldfishbeginner

    goldfishbeginnerNew MemberMember

    Ok well, that's how they're marketing it then I stand corrected.
    I had always seen people use the ceramic rings as bio media and not really mechanical media but I guess it's multipurpose.
    But it's nice that canister filters are flexible so you can really out whatever you think works best in there.. i pretty much just toss the instructions to my cansiter filter.
  9. matsungit

    matsungitWell Known MemberMember

    I only use media bags on fine media like carbon, purigen, or GFO so they don't get swept away by the water flow. Generally, while convenient when cleaning, it also causes water channeling inside the filter. Water current will take the path of least resistance and would rather go around the bag than through it. The media will still do its job and not render it useless. Just a tad less efficient. I just wanted to tell the tradeoff but it's up to you.
  10. OP

    EmmaBudgieValued MemberMember

    Thanks for all the info, based on this info I think I will put my ceramic noodles at the bottom of the cannister, then the coarse sponge, then substrat then fine sponge/floss.

    (My noodles aren't actually the ehim ones they are the aqua one BioNood, which are advertised as biomedia.)

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