Canister filter help

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    Pastoral New Member Member

    I have a new aquatop canister filter for my 75G tank. Filter is rated to 125G tank. The very knowledgable guy at LFS believed this filter would keep my water crystal clear.

    There is a lot of visible sediment in the water. I am also getting significant algae growth despite having a BN and a Royal pleco (juvenile) in the tank. Where the tank is gets a little sunlight. But I had my 37G in the same spot with 1 BN and he kept that one algae free, or just about.

    I cleaned out the filter yesterday. 2nd time in 2 months. There was some gunk but I think it was clean enough to work fine.

    I do 30%+ water changes weekly. Water tests great (no ammonia or nitrite). Fish appear very healthy, eat ravenously.

    Do you all think the "dirt" in the water is algae? What am I doing wrong? My old 37G with a budget HOB filter has crystal clear water! Very frustrating!!!
  2. Aludar

    Aludar Valued Member Member

    Don't have one personally but what types of media do you have in the filter? How long has it been running? Could be that it's just settling in. Hopefully someone more experienced can chime in as well.