Canister Filter Actual Heights

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Anyone with any of these filters that can measure and provide the ACTUAL height including hose connectors?

I have exactly 18” under my tank. Anything taller and I’d have to cut a big notch in the shelf, which I don’t want to do. 65 gallon tank, but I’d like to get a filter rated for 150, doesn’t seem likely though.

Fluval 306/7, 406/7
Cascade 1000, 1200
Jebao 404
Seapora AM 60
Aqueon Quietflow 75
Magniflow 100/360
Hydor 350
Eheim Classic 66gal or 92gal
API XP - M or L

Any other suggestions are welcome. Looking for 18” total height max, and preferably designed for 100+ gallon tank.
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With the cascade 1000 you need at least 20” with hoses on.
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You would need the same 20" for a Fluval 406 unless you can set your canister way in the back of your cabinet or take some of the back wall off the cabinet then you would be able to use a Fluval and most likely any other canister of your choice.
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I ended up putting my canister beside the stand. Not enough height. Whats with these manufacturers anyway? Don't they know we need room for filtration? I would say at least 24 -28 inches
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DIY stands are the way to go!!
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The fluval G6 may work? It's around a ft in height, and should give you enough clarence under your small stand to fit it in. But if it doesn't fit, it's not a particularly ugly filter to look at IMO.
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Yeah but not cheap to buy and I’d imagine just as expensive for the maintenance
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Yeah but not cheap to buy and I’d imagine just as expensive for the maintenance
Maintenance is bascially free, or close to little. Biological media is reused, mechanical media is washed and reused (ag most, buy a couple so you can swap them out each week without having to prioritize washing them to put it back in) and depending on the chemical media, it can also be reused (like purigen)
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You could just get two small canisters in stead of one big one. Might work.
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Yeah I was told to go with 2 of the Cobalt EXT canisters with the external pumps. They’re pricey right now. $120, was $80 a few years ago.
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I think I had 20 inches clearance in my cabinet and I had to make the hole bigger to fit my Fluval 407 in. Or rather the hoses. The filter was okay but the hoses would have been bent.
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Buy 2x Seachem Tidal 110 hang-on-back filters. has them for $62 each.

Add an ATI Hydro Sponge IV Pro driven by an airpump from Kens, and your set for filtration.

More space in the cabinet now for supplies!
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I’m thinking I might have to go with 2 of the Cobalt EXT filters, or 2 other smaller canisters.
I’m running a big Top Fin HOB (biggest model) right now.
While it seems to be doing half decent, I want the intake to be down near the bottom of the tank. Being a 65 gallon, it’s 24” tall, so none of the HOBs will reach more than halfway down. Also the waterfall isn’t strong enough to make a whole lot of movement on the bottom of the tank.
Also, what I want to do, which would need a canister, would be to put the intake on one end at the bottom and the outflow on the other end of the tank. That would push all of the poopies into the filter. Don’t really want to go with a pump/circulator.
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FYI here’s my tank, still setting up (need to get some large flat rocks to build caves). Same items that were in my 10 gallon. Only thing new is the tank (obviously), larger heater, and larger HOB (which came with the tank).

Female Jack Dempsey
Blood Parrot (I think it’s female??)
2 albino corys
Albino BN pleco male
Normal BN pleco (I assume female, not full grown but no bristles yet)


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