Canadian Substitutes For Api General Cure And Api Erythromycin


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I need substitutes for those 2 apI products for my quarantine tank, I'm going for Aquarium Co Op's trio of meds for quarantine. I can buy ich x from amazon. They banned those 2 apI products in canada so I need something that's the same.


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Erythromycin is effective against lot's of gram positive bacteria, some gram negative bacteria and some fungi. Get a drug that does the same. General cure is just a broad spectrum external parasite treatment. For specifics maybe some Canadians can pipe in. My opinion is to just treat new fish for external parasites (which are most likely to occur) and with Melafix (to help prevent infection) during the initial transition stress, and quarantine for 4-6 weeks. I don't treat diseases the fish don't have. You can treat fish for fin rot or HITH but if they don't have it, what's the point? I treat new fish with preventative stress relief- dark quiet well filtered and maintained tank, minimal feeding, appropriate temperature. Most unstressed healthy fish don't get diseases.


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For parasites, you can get Prazipro (although I think it's being phased out, a lot of retailers are no longer carrying it in Canada). It's still available at and

For bacterial and fungal infections etc, you can look for the Seachem line (Kanaplex, Neoplex and Sulfaplex) which are widely available in Canada.

I should add, to each his own, but I don't really like the idea of treating new fish with medication if you don't know if anything is even wrong with them. The meds I've listed above are for specific existing illnesses... I know some people use Paraguard with new fish, as parasites can be common (depending on where you are buying your fish) and it can be 'lightly dosed'. Your call though!

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