can you lower the temp of a freshwater aquarium?

  1. c

    cheese Valued Member Member

    hi there :) is there anything one could do to lower the temperature of their aquarium? if it's not heated, and still too warm, what do you do about it? thanks :)

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  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    How many degrees is it over the mark? What size is the tank? If it's just a couple of degrees it may be caused by waste heat from the light or filter. Does any sun sneak into the room? Is there a well-behaved top on the tank?
  3. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Moderator Moderator Member

    You could also fill a ziploc bag with ice and float it in the tank to cool it off temporarily but it's not a long term solution. Another would be to install a fan and have it blowing across the surface of the water. Either way, swings in temperature could stress the fish so any method you use would need to be very gradual.
  4. Kasye

    Kasye Valued Member Member

    What kind of light (if any) is on the tank? Incandescent and halogen lamps can give off a lot of heat. LEDs and fluorescent on the other hand give off very little heat comparatively.

    I have an aquarium that I have to cool, and I have mesh lid instead of glass to allow for better evaporation (and cooling). I also have a fan that sits on the top of the lid and blows over the water. This drops my water by as much as 5 degrees. Aquarium chillers are also available, though they can be rather pricey.
  5. SamTheFishGuy

    SamTheFishGuy Valued Member Member

    Here is one way to do it. First you find a small fan then you put the fan at an angle facing the water so the fans air should be running across the top of the water. That worked for me. it lowered my tank temp about 5-10 degrees. Hope it help.

    If you dont believe me search it up. it has something to do with evaporation.

    More Info:
    More important than the type of fan used is the manner in which the fans are positioned. Fans can be used to either blow cool air into a hood or pull cool air into and through the hood (blowing out air that has warmed as it passed through