Can You Guys Help Me Choose An External Pump (for Filter)?


I've got a bunch of submersible pumps, and they are just fine, but I have set up an aquarium outside here in Houston, Texas, where it gets HOT, including today where it was 110 F in our car. I've got a submersible in the aquarium out side, that that water is HOT, the pump being in the water is not helping!

So I want an external one. I want one. Probably to use in connection with a DIY trickle filter. I want one that I guess is called "inline" - I want to have a hose attached to both the intake and outflow, that way I can put the intake hose into the water, probably covered by a sponge as a pre-filter, then the outflow hose would run up to the top of the trickle filter.

I also want one that is efficient as possible. I assume that is generally what has the most GPH power divided by watts.

So after doing some digging. The best I've found so far is this one:

So that 9000 model can put out up to 2377 GPH for 60 watts. That works out to just shy of 40 GPH/watt. That is higher than anything else I've seen, including that same pump with a different model that puts out lesser more GPH.

Any reason not to get this one? I will probably never use it to its true 2377 GPH potential, but I'd like to have that option for what might come into play down the road.

Another question. These various models have adjustable flow. Since the one I linked has the best GPH/hour/watt ratio than the other ones, if I were to slow it down let's say half way, would one expect to get a better GPH/hour/watt ratio that the other models that have the same max flow as the reduced flow on this one?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!


Check out the Jebao DCP and DCQ line of variable speed DC pumps with wired external controller. The DCT series is their older line of pumps.

DC pumps are more efficient, especially when used with a controller.

Jebao intakes and discharges are threaded, so a pvc fitting can be attached. Although primarily used as submersible, they can be ran externally also.


Thank you Vic! So, here is the Jabao DCP:

I went through the models and didn't find one that could hit the 39+ GPH/watt that the one I linked did. One was very close, like 38 GPH/watt, but still ****.

The DCQ line looks like HUGE pumps, here is one on amazon:

Way bigger than I need, and only like 33 GPH/watt as well.

Any problem with the one I linked? Would you agree that if I get one that is overkill, but that has the best GPH/watt ratio, if I slowed it down to the speed of a lower rated pump that is rated for less GPH/watts at that level, the faster/stronger one slowed down would likely have a better GPH/watt ratio?


P.S., on those threaded intakes/outtakes, is it easy to have some attachment or whatever to those to which I can plug in a hose to those? I know almost nothing about PVC pipe and what not haha.



It would be hard to say, if the lowered wattage via the controller equals a linear reduction in flow. I would think the gph/watts would very close to the max rating when slowing it down. Really I am not sure if efficiency stays the same, or it increases/ decreases as the impeller slows down or speeds up.

The link for the DCP has a drop down box with different choices of pumps..... which DCP were you comparing?

Here is a LINK to a thread on Reef Cetral forum that I found. They are discussing the Jebao DCP and how they have it plumbed, what fittings they use, watts consumed by various models at a different speeds, and tricks and tips on set up.

Many people advised their fittings all came from Home Depot.

The larger the pump, the better you can future proof it for any kind of new build you come up with later. Big pump can be slowed down for an aquarium, and then ramped back up if used for a pond !!


Thank you Vic! I will study that link and follow up, so cool! I had actually clicked on all the different pumps on that DCP link, and did a GPH/watt calculation for each one. The highest one I did had a 38 GPH/watt ratio. Thanks!


Yep. Whenever I get around to setting up a sump one day, I'm going with a Jebao pump.

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