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I started with a 30 gal L, had that for about 3 weeks with the gold barbs and the convicts. My neighbor sold me her 5 ft long by almost 3 ft deep and 2 ft at the widest part of the bow. My calculations are close to 80 gals of water. I have two Penguin 350 filters with 6-carbon filters in them. My water suddenly became a greenish color and cloudy. Have done 3 water changes about 14-15 gals over the past three weeks. I moved the water, the gravel and the fish from the 30 L to the Bow Front, replaced the bio wheels and filter cartridges in her filter that I bought...and then added a second one with carbon cartridges plus extra carbon in the cages that came with the filter. I have been testing my water with a master kit...even with this many fish I am showing 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites. It's like it's tap water, but green. The fish are swimming around fine and eating/growing like crazy. They were all only about an inch long 6 weeks ago. The Zebras are all close to 3" and the convicts are between 3-4"...even the barbs have gone from about 3/4-1 to about 2 1/2". So they all seem healthy, but the water looks gross...I seem to remember this happening with my 55 gal I had about 10 years ago, and it just cleared up all of a sudden with out me doing anything...will this most likely occur again? I figured I am just worrying.

Side note: the 30 L never did get cloudy the 3 weeks it was set up, and the bow only became cloudy with in the last 3 has been operating 3 weeks as well.

Thanks in advance!!!


good evening, people here have a lot of there lighting systems on 5 on 2 off 5 on. and also they have informed myself that 10x filtration is optimum I have a 250litre tank and run 2x 1200litres per hour filter giving me a total of 2400 litre filtered per hour.

I hoped this has helped a little. more informed people can give you more information

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Just try cutting down on your lighting and see if this helps. I think the max amount of time your lights should be on is 10 hours if you are having an algae problem. Let us know if anything changes.
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I am now running two (2) Penguin Emporer 350's and a Magnum 350 for a rated total of 1050 gal/hr filtration on a 72 gallon bowfront tank. I finally made it the rest of the way through the N-cycle and the tank is crystal clear. Have only been running the lighting in the evening for about 6-7 hours and then about 10-13 hrs per day on the weekend. No more algae...yippee!!!!

Forgot to ask...trying to find out what kind of Cichlid this blue fish is? Any help? Thanks

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