Can you clear this up please. QT media kept in main tank

  1. angiet Initiate Member

    Hi all.
    I need to set up a QT tank. The QT tank I have is a biorb 30 the filter on it is dead and to big to keep in my main tank. I want to start some good bacteria that I can move into the QT tank when I need to set it up.
    I don't want to keep the QT tank running as I don't have permanent room for it so....
    Can I keep some filter media in a net bag in my main tank without it being part of my main filter. Will this keep it alive and will it work.
    Thanks ange ☺
  2. Nicoldeme Member Member

    What do you mean your filter is dead? And yes, just keeping media hanging in your tank should establish a well enough colony on it. Just keep it somewhere it is in a strong current, and it'll be fine.
  3. angiet Initiate Member

    The filter from the biorb is soooo old and shredded. It's a second hand tank and bought it without seeing the filter. I could replace it but as it's a biorb it's really expensive. And as it won't be running all the time I think it would be better to have a bag of media in my main tank ??
  4. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    The best place to have it is in your filter. I think it would take a really long time to seed it if its just in your tank.
    The majority of your beneficial bacteria live in your filter
  5. Nicoldeme Member Member

    Do you mean the cartridge inside is shredded? And yeah, just keeping a bag of media in the tank should be alright.
  6. angiet Initiate Member

  7. Nicoldeme Member Member

    I know it may be a bit expensive, but please change your media. It would really, really, help.
  8. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Agree. I'd be worried about it not being seeded enough just free floating in the main tank to support the QT.
  9. angiet Initiate Member

    Ok th0ank you.
    So the QT will not be running all the time and the bio filter will die. I have a fluval filter in my main tank with 3 sections all are full and I can't put anything in it so my only options are to leave it free floating or let the QT tank run all the time.

    What of I hung it on the wall in the flow of the filter or am I really just grasping at straws here