can we add to the Sae fish profile ???

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HI how can I add some suggestions to update the fish care sheet ???

I have the following that I think could do with adding to the Sae

Crossocheilus siamensis (SAE) has the lateral line into the tail as we all know,

In the uk a lot of Sae sold are possibly Crosheilus atrilimes, Which grow to 7 to7.5 cm I have one of these,

Crossocheilus atrilimes is most-easily identified by observing the distance between the vent and analfin which in this species is only 1.5-2 scale widths compared to 2-3.5 in other species. The black lateral stripe runs from the snout to the tip of the caudal fin; the eye is pale brown above the pupil and white below; maxillary barbels are not visible; the lateral line is curved; the fins are a pale dusky yellow colour. Depending on mood this species has the ability to change the appearance of the dark body stripe, most obviously during bouts of sparring when it becomes much broader and paler in colour,

there is also
Crossocheilus langei, which grows to 15cm the eye is reddish-golden above the pupil and white below; it has two pairs of barbels; the lateral line is essentially straight and passes through the centre of the dark body stripe; the fins are brownish. Although the body stripe becomes paler when the fish are sparring it doesn't change in width, and a further simple distinguishing trait is the presence of a dark blotch immediately in front of the analfin on the underside of the fish,

There are 17 in total, but these are the main three sold in the market,
all the above three fish look very similar, and have the black jagged latereral line through the caudal fin, and have a very pleasent temper, they will also eat algae through out therI life.

now we have the other two,

Garra cambodgiensis (false sae)
Much of the confusion has arisen through the use of trade names such as 'false flying fox'
This is mistaken a lot for Crossocheilus atrilimes due to the colour and darker back,
However its long bright line above the dark band and the fact the dark band does not go right up to the end of the caudal fin is the clue to its true identity. It's fins are tinted yellow,

Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus (Flying fox)

Much of the confusion has arisen through the use of trade names such as 'false flying fox' or 'Siamese flying fox' that have been assigned to these species in order to boost sales and they are actually quite easy to distinguish from one another. When compared with the other species Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus exhibits several unique traits but we find the simplest way to identify it is by the characteristic white-edged, red and black coloured fins along with the presence of two pairs of barbels.
While small specimens tend to hide away much of the time they often become increasingly territorial as they grow and can exhibit particularly high levels of aggression towards other fish.
:// it would appear the flying fox show is a juvi, how ever when they get older you can clearly see the black on the Fins..

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Hello Critch,

I'm moving your thread to the Forum Announcements/Suggestions section of the forum. MIKE will see it and then make the decision.

Have you given credit where credit is due for the information that you've posted? Your resources for information should be listed if anything has been copied to prevent plagiarism.

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critch, I'm guessing Mike hasn't seen this.
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