Can Two Male Bettas Live Together With A Glass Divider In Between?

  1. viveksathisan

    viveksathisan New Member Member

    Dear Beta lovers,

    I have a concern which is, Can two male bettas live together with a glass divider in between?

    Do they lose its fighting power when they see each? Please advise
  2. Shadow2331

    Shadow2331 Valued Member Member

    i wont recommend a see through glass divider, they might stress out due to excessive flaring.
  3. California L33

    California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I'd suggest frosted glass. While some people say it's not bad for male Bettas to see each other and flare, that's a 'fight or flight' response, and is, by definition, stressful to the fish. It's probably not bad to have it happen once in a while, but not every couple of hours.
  4. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would heavily pland both sides of the divider to limit sight of each other
  5. Fishpuns

    Fishpuns Valued Member Member

    It wouldn't be great, they'd probably get stressed seeing each other all the time. You could heavily plant either side of the glass to help, or use a large filter sponge cut to size as the divider
  6. OP

    viveksathisan New Member Member

    Thank you everyone for the quick responses!
    Much appreciated and I'm impressed with this website.

    I'll keep a separation for my 7 betta boys!

    More suggestions are welcome from others too!