Can the snails and the tetra start be saved? Help

  1. J

    Jackie Frost Valued Member Member

    Sorry to be plugging this site with so many questions, but I'm a newbie and I'm trying to fix several massive mistakes I made, the lastest being two table spoons of aquarium salt to tank intended for snails. What if after returning the fish, I add three drops of pure amonia to feed the fledging Safe Start bacteria, do the massive water change on Wednesday, then add the snails. Will that save the snails and the Tetra safe start? Dare I even hope for a cycled tank?

    Edit: One more question. How well would snails handle an uncycled tank?
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    ammonia and tss wont work..its too strong and doesnt add over time like with fish in the tank..its more strong and more ammounts of it too fast will kill the tss ....snails dont carry enough bioload to keep tss alive either..
  3. OP

    Jackie Frost Valued Member Member

    Really? Well I'm going to take the fish back in the next fifteen minutes, do a massive water change to try and get rid of the salt, buy three new Mollies since the pure amonia won't work ...and then pray for the best.

    I tested the water this morning. (I figured why not since the fish are going anyway.) The results were 0 amonia for the first time ever! 0 nitrites but a 40 rating on nitrates. Weird.

    Thanks Shawnie.