Can The Ammonia Poisoning Effects Be Reduced?

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    I am Pummy , from India , happen to have 3 gold fish in 55 gallon aquarium, about 5. inches in length , I call then "ed", "edd" and "eddy", they are 3 years old, now for first time in several years I had to go out for job related stuff for 2 months , I asked a friend to change water after 20 days and inform me if there is any trouble and feed the fish as well, of course this was not done ..

    The aquarium has 2 aqua clear 70 filter (HOB) ...

    As I return today morning, I saw the water as not so good, the fancy tail gold fish was gasping for air and had ammonia burns on her gills and her fins had turn dark red, typical symptoms of ammonia poisoning, the other 2 comet gold fish were better but one had some skin bruising...

    I have immediately changed the water and added the below

    Seachem Prime
    Seachem Stability
    Seachem Pristine
    Seachen ParaGuard

    I will now do a 50% water change every 3 day...

    The fancy tail fish responded well immediately and is now moving freely and has eaten some sinking pellets as well ...

    I am not mentioning the water parameter as I just changes the 80% water and added all the chemicals...

    Now I kindly need to know , is there any way I can reduce the bad effects of ammonia poisoning that my fish suffered , any thing I can feed them any medicines etc...

    Thanks in advance

  2. Momgoose56

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    Not really, but if your tank is cycled, you shouldn't be having ammonia spikes, even when water isn't changed. I suggest that you get a good test kit and test your water anyway.
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    You’re doing the right things. Use the Prime daily this week and check your levels after the next water change.
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    @Momgoose56 - thanks, yes I have a good test kit, I will let you know , I guess 2 months is a bit too long for the filter to deal with the waste gold fish produce
    @LynnwoodFishDad - thanks I will update, seeing the fish respond well make me feel good
  5. Momgoose56

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    One month is too long. At least 50% of the water in a gold fish tank that size with 3 goldfish, should be changed every 1-2 weeks.
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