Can temperature affect fin rot?


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I hear all sorts of bad things about keeping the water too cold for bettas. Dory's temperature stays a constant 83 degrees. I know some people keep it less than this... doesn't bacteria usually flourish in warmer water? But then again the warm water helps Dory's metabolism and ability to fight off illness.

Basically what I'm asking is.... is 83 degrees too warm?


No, it's not too warm for him. I just wouldn't go any higher then that unless it's absolutely necessary. Natalie


I agree.
83 is ok.
Higher than that, I would think is too high.

LZ Floyd

Interestingly, some sites recommend lowering the tank temp below 80 to reduce the activity level of the fin rot-related bacteria to allow meds to do their job. 

As for our tank temp, it's at 84.  I think I'll drop it a few degrees.

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Very interesting. I suppose I'll try that next. Unfortunately I have one of those +/- filters so I gotta keep guessing and checking to see where the right level would be. I am thinking I should put it at around 79-80 and see how that goes.


I think different bacteria live at different temps, but even when we're treating for fin rot, we keep the tanks between 78 and 82, as close to 80 as we can. we have those +/- heaters too, but when we can I want to upgrade to submersible heaters with temp controls on them.. the visi-therm stealth 50w.


FLBettaCouple said:
the visi-therm stealth 50w.
Off topic but I gotta comment... I have 3 visi-therm stealths and they are the MOST accurate heater ever... After the first 2 my third tank does not even have a thermometer because I don't need it... LOL!!

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