Can Someone Explain To Me How Any Of This Works?


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So I only recently discovered the "aquascaping" world. I'd never thought of putting live plants in but it's something I'm very intrigued about now. The problem is ... I'm an idiot.
I don't understand how it works, I'm reading about CO2 machines and don't know what that is really. I read that there's no specific substrate you need although ones that allow roots to grow is better, I've also read that they need nutrients (Which makes sense but wouldn't that mean there needs to be more stuff in the substrate).
I just got a 16 gallon tank, this one to be exact Fluval Vista LED Aquarium Kit 16 Gallons | Aquariums West
And am just going to start a fishless cycle. I figured I can work on learning the plant stuff after but now I've also read you can actually put plants in so...
Can someone explain or show me a link to something that explains this all at like... an idiot level?
For the fish I've found plenty of explanations of the cycling process but for some reason I just can't wrap my mind around the plant version...


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Okay well I'd say it's best to know what plants you'd like and figure out how hard it is to care for them (Google and youtube) if you want easy plants (you can Google a list of these too) you can skip things like Co2 injectors, which makes it easier. Also if you go for easy to grow plants, you don't need to worry about high-tech lighting and soils. My plants grow in black diamond blasting sand, under t8 bulbs and I add seachem flourish once a week (nutrients). Instead of trying to learn everything there is about plants all at once, I'd see if you're not maybe interested in just starting with simple plants and learn what is necessary for those. As you go along from there it'll be easier to progress and understand the more complex high-tech stuff


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I think the best resource you can possibly use is Youtube. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth... well, more haha.

George Farmer, ADU Aquascaping, and Dennis Wong's channels are great places to start. Even by watching their set up and step by step videos, you'll pick up on a lot of stuff. I spent probably 2 months researching before I dared aquascape my first tank, and took it down a few months later because after a short while you learn a lot more and think you can do better
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