Can Praziquantel and Ich attack be used at the same time?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by NeonFlux, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. NeonFluxValued MemberMember

    Hello guys,

    Unfortunately, I believe I am dealing with both gill flukes, and hexamita protozoa in my discus fish, unfortunately.. I could see them flash their gills, and some look somewhat skinny and darkened discolored, but they eating nicely, and not hiding much at all except when the lights are off and when it is really dark..

    As of late, I perform about 100% water changes about every three days to help remove stubborn flukes and I retreat the tank with prazi; and also making absolute sure that the new water returning to the tank is extremely close to the tank's temp. So far, no problems with water changes. I'm currently feeding metronidazole medicated flakes to fight hexamita along with a high temp of 86F to help increase metro's effectiveness.

    So I just managed to get some Ich Attack from the LFS, and I was wondering if it can be used in the tank when it has some prazi that is active currently inside? Or should I just wait until prazi becomes inactive after a few days, or do a large water change to remove any residual prazi and then dose ich attack? Hopefully ich attack and prazi can be combined.. ich attack is organic and herbal, soo it's safe, eh?? But ahh just because ich attack is organic and herbal... Maybe there will be issues with them mixing and creating toxic conditions, or maybe it will put too much strain on the fish's system..?? So I'm still a bit skeptical and unsure and I want you guys opinions.

    I would appreciate any input or ideas, thanks a lot guys.
  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    ICH (ICK) Life Cycle and Natural Treatment

    Please use caution when mixing medications, it can be risky and even fatal. Over medicating can also destroy the Nitrogen Cycle. Remember, we are trying to mimic a natural environment and the fewer chemicals, medications, treatments we use on our fish, the better off the fish and aquarium itself are going to be.

    Best wishes for your fish!

  3. NeonFluxValued MemberMember

    Yeah.. thanks, Aquarist.. that's why I started a thread here; I wanted to make sure if it's okay to mix ich attack and prazi.. I'm also not really dealing with ich right now, but I really appreciate you trying to help though..

    It's a good thing prazi is actually really harmless, and even if overdosed, it will not impact the filter or the fish; nor will it even harm plants. The same could be said about ich attack, but I'm still unsure of what could potentially happen by mixing the two.
  4. NeonFluxValued MemberMember

    I posted a replica thread on another aquarium forum, and someone just said he sees no issues using them together, since it's active ingredient is Naphthoquinon, which is pretty harmless I believe, and should be fine with prazi.

    So I went on and delivered a full dose of Ich Attack today with some praziquantel and is still in the tank water.. so if everything's good by the end of the day, I'll continue treatment for several weeks.

    I'll be right back with you guys and let you folks know how things turn out.

    Hopefully everything goes as planned.

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