Can Plant Fertilizers Hurt Fish And Shrimp?

Discussion in 'Plant Fertilizers' started by TheNacho, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Hi. I recently got some new plants. I got some fertilizers- Profish Micro Green, Profish Macro Nutrition, and Profish Iron+.

    Is it safe to use fertilizers in the aquarium? I have a 10g with balloon mollies, shrimps and a pleco, and a 4g with a betta. Can iron hurt them, especially the shrimp?
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  2. CheshireKat

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    Plant fertilizers made for aquariums are designed to be safe for fish and inverts and are commonly used with such creatures by thousands, maybe millions of people. I'm not familiar with that brand, so I can't speak for it, but it should be safe.
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    If there is copper in it, even super, super, tiny amounts it can be toxic to shrimp. I would stay away from any ferts with copper in them if you have shrimp. NilocG makes a shrimp specific fertilizer (ThriveS) which is what I use in my planted shrimp tank. However, I have heard of people using Flourish which has 0.0001% Copper without issues. But if yours has more than that I wouldn't use it.

    Very high amounts of iron could possibly be detrimental to shrimp, but it depends on how much you dose and the amount of iron in the fertilizer. Generally, I think it's just copper you would have to worry about.
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    DIY fertilizer doesn't leach out ammonia. Where would it come from? I DIY all my fertilizers and ammonia is absolutely not a concern. Also a reason that the old myth of excess fertilizer causing algae is not true. Only ammonia and nutrient imbalance causes algae.
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    the lethal copper toxic level to shrimp is 0.003mg per 1ltr of water even so unless stated its worth dropping the manufacturer a line asking them is it safe, Profish products state on all their products that it is fish safe but nowhere dose it say it is invert safe like others do so i'd check first, i did email the company last week after reading an article in a magazine but have had no reply