Can my Guppy still be pregnant after aborting eggs?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by LindaMS, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. LindaMS

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    Hi everyone,

    My two guppy girls who were new last Thursday both went into labour and passed eggs with eyes. I found one little fry and quickly moved him that day. The next day I spotted another (smaller) that I thought may have 'hatched' so I moved it too. 24 hours later fry 1 looked bigger and fry 2 was gone - I assume eaten.

    The girls are ok again now and seem back to normal, but one in particular still seems to be a bit plumper and still has quite a noticeable dark gravid spot. Can she still have fry that she will have later? Pics of both from yesterday and one of baby Alpha!

  2. hampalong

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    They could have fry every month for a few months yet. They store sperm.
  3. Tiny goatfish

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  4. aquaman86

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    Yes they can, as mentioned they do store sperm and can have fries without a male present.
  5. OP

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    Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. I had read that what I was wondering though is if she could half deliver and already cooked batch? I just noticed her gravid spot after delivery still seemed large - she is the yellow girl in the photo.
  6. Mike7381

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    They are live bearer which mean they give birth to fry directly instead of laying eggs, you will have fries every month
  7. OP

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    Hi Mike
    I know they do not lay eggs, but one of the eggs did 'hatch' after being dropped prematurely. A fish miscarriage I guess you would say. What I was wondering is if they could drop part of their baby load prematurely and then deliver the rest in a few days or a week. They both appear pregnant again from the stored sperm I assume as they are housed alone with no males.
    Alpha was 2 weeks yesterday. Photo update.

  8. Plecomaker

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    I dont hik they can do that with. Days in between, but they can havea second batch rather quickly, so it may seem that way.
  9. OP

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    Yes I expect it will be in about another two weeks then... as they can have babies in about 28 days I believe.