can moss plants stick to ADA amazonia soil?

  1. axel Well Known Member Member

    I burried some of christmas moss and it thrieve,but will it keep sticking to my soil when thrieving?is it possible for all moss to stick in my amazonia soil?Also can moss absorb nutrient from soil? sorry if my question a bit stupid:;tea
  2. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Come on axel there are no stupid questions at FishLore. But sadly I do not know the answer, so I'm of no help. But hopefully some one else will come along who can be of assistance.
  3. axel Well Known Member Member

    thx, it just make me nervous if people dont wanna answer because of obvious answer:;shat
  4. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    It seems to be the obvious questions get all the answers. I'm afraid people might not answer this, because not many people will know the answer. But we'll see. Someone might
  5. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I am unsure about getting nutrients from soil. I forget if they get it from water column or soil.

    It may start to stick to your ADA after a while, but I usually like to tie moss down myself just in case. I mostly use moss on driftwood. If you want it to be more like a carpet on the bottom of your tank, I suggest using the plastic mesh you can find in most craft stores and tie moss to that. Then cover mesh with your ADA, with plant lights it will grow fine that way.
  6. axel Well Known Member Member

    can i make a carpet without mesh? i dont think they sell those in my local it will anchor itself to the soil right?,i run out of stone so i just press it down to my soil
  7. JFreshwater Member Member

    It's hard to imagine that the moss will grow into a carpet on it's own (without guidance form mesh). Also, I've seen and heard of Amazonia soil, but I've never touched it. What is it's consistency? Will it squish to dirt/mush if you squeeze it? I ask because moss seems to do better attaching to surfaces that are solid and have rough texture. For example, I have Eco Complete substrate, which is a somewhat rough textured gravel and my moss clings to it like crazy. Same goes for driftwood.
  8. axel Well Known Member Member

  9. JFreshwater Member Member

    Yea it's hard to tell whether moss will grab onto that soil-like consistency. Keep some a little buried like you said you have it (but not too deep) and then in a couple weeks try tugging a little bit out and see if it's latched onto the granules. I'd be interested to see what type of growth pattern the moss takes on being a little submerged under the substrate.
  10. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Just go to Walmart in the craft dept , they sell sheets of plastic craft mesh for needle point craft they have white, green and black. you can cut it with sissors to the size you want they come in about the same size as a sheet of computer paper or a little bigger. The you can put the moss on and tie down using a big needle and thread or clear fishing line... Land moss grows on dirt so I don't see why water moss wouldn't . The mesh is aquarium safe and last forever. Alison
  11. axel Well Known Member Member

    i will update how it goes later,thx for the help :)
  12. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Your welcome. Alison