Can Mosquitofish, Guppies, and Endlers Breed?

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Can Mosquitofish breed with Guppies? Can they breed with Dwarf Blue Panda Guppies? Can they breed with Endlers? I understand Mosquitofish are Gambusia and the rest are Poecilia, and it's been a very controversial subject over the years whether these two can interbreed since they're from a different genus, but I'm pretty confident they can. I've heard both sides, some saying animals can only interbreed within their own genus (like horses and donkeys, both being in the genus Equus), others saying that they've personally had success breeding Mosquitofish with other livebearers! An example are Goldfish and Koi interbreeding, these are called "Koimets". They're of a different genus, Koi being Cyprinus rubrofuscus and Goldfish being Carassius auratus, but they still can produce offspring, so I believe it's not completely impossible! Does anyone here have personal experience breeding the Mosquitofish (either species) with one of the Poecilia? If so, I'd be honored to see pics!! Thank you!!
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yes they can cross breed but its un wise to cross the to one carries sickness the other fish is all ready a strong healthy fish
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The short answer is yes, they can interbreed. However sometimes the offspring will have deformities or be sterile. (and I dont recommend trying this on purpose!)
I have no idea about koi / goldfish breeding or possible offspring but I'm sure someone with a pond could help you out with that!
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Gambusia holbrooki and Guppies cannot interbreed. Structural differences in the gonopodiums prevents this from happening. I've heard many claims to the contrary, but I've seen no evidence that it has occurred. I think the similarity between the females of the two species has caused some mistaken identities and erroneous assumptions.

Guppies and Endler's can interbreed, as they are so closely related that some people still believe they are the same species. However, the description of Poecilia wingei has been accepted by most scientific authorities.
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It´s not specifically the difference in genera but more if the genitals of the opposite sex of the opposite species are compatible with another. Mosquito fish males have a quite different shape of gonopodium in comparison to those of guppies and endlers. A male can direct his gonopodium towards the female genitals of a guppy or endler but no actual mating will take place. Female genitals are adjusted to the shape of the gonopodium of a male of her own species (or closely related).
When it comes to crossbreeding between species within the same genus or subgenus, means more that the offspring will be fertile (if they're gonna be prolific is something else). If a crossbreeding between species of different genera happens, the chance of fertile offspring becomes less till even none.

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