Can mollies be territorial?


So here is the deal, I've got three black mollies and three dalmatian mollies. Both groups consist of one male to three females. A good ratio. I wasn't aware at the time that the two would see each other as the exact same, and would desire to be with the opposite race. They are both the same species, obviously, but different none the less.
Anyway, I've noticed lately that my two males have been fighting, nothing huge, but they get into some crazy chases and cause a lot of havoc. The black molly's name is Elvis, and the dalmatian molly's name is Einstein. Einstein is MUCH larger than Elvis, plus Einstein is kind of a bully anyway, so he is usually doing all the chasing, or starting the problems. I've noticed, however, that it is usually started over a female molly, black or dalmatian. The second Elvis gets close to a female with the intent to start nudging her, Einstein comes flying in out of nowhere and chases Elvis off. But Elvis is like the Quagmire of my tank, so he never gives up, then causing the two to chase each other around the tank. Elvis has a strong personality despite his size disadvantage and usually fights back when Einstein decides to nip at him. The two have gotten into some sick fights, I've seen that, and I try to break it up every time by sticking my net or a stick in and chasing them off. As soon as I turn my back, they get back to it.

Basically, all I want to know, is if male mollies can be territorial, or even just competitive over females? Because I have 2 male Red Wag Platies, and 4 females and they all get along just fine! :-\


I have a molly that does the same thing. He chases around other male mollies..
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