can i put plants in sand?/?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by melovefish, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Yes, you can! Although you should find out about whether the particular plant you are getting likes to have roots burried at all - some plants' roots should be attached to driftwood instead. Also some plants may need more neutrients near their roots and this you may need to put a root tab like fertilizer in with the plant, for example. There are some substrata that are specifically designed for growing plants and thus have more nutrition in them, for example: EcoComplete. Some aquatic plants get most of their nutrients through their leafs not their roots, so for such plants the substrata matters less. I've got a banana plant which loves growing in the sand, for example. So I would suggest you check whether particular plants will grow well in sand, but overall the answer is yes for plants in sand.
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    Yes, you absolutely can. Some people actually prefer a sand substrate so they have pool filter sand even in a well planted tank.
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    jetjockey can u look at my question "will this work" no ones really answering xcept one person
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    Rather than making jetajockey search for your thread please leave the link in a profile message to him or link to it here.

    Please also be patient.
    The other thread was started less than 2 hours ago.
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    sorry, my bad i knew i shouldnt of asked just him he just commenting alot of my questions
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    I have sand in all my tanks and have live plants in them and they are all doing well.
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    I've tried sand a couple of times and always had trouble with blue green algae. :-/
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    I have CaribSea Tahitan Moon (black) sand in my 36 gallon bowfront. I have multiple plants growing nicely - the Cryptocorynes are doing really well. I also have Bacopa caroliniana and Ludwigia repens.

    Definitely possible to have a planted tank in sand. I know some do a dirt layer under the sand too, but I personally just have about 1.5-2 inches of sand.
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    Hmm, blue green algea huh? Those I have not had in my tank with sand (not yet anyway). I've had brown algea (diatoms), pink algea (a bacteria common in pools), black beard algee (ahoy maities!), and green spot algea. I don't think any of those were caused by the sand in my tank, though maybe I just don't know enough.
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    Cyano outbreaks and sand are unrelated as far as I know.

    Aquatic plants can grow in basically any substrate choice, and many can grow without substrate at all. The downside to using something like a plain sand though is that your heavy rooters will really benefit from a high-cec substrate. A root tab supplement can work as an alternative, though.