Can I Put Aquarium Salt In My Clawed Frogs Tank?


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Okay so recently my clawed frog got sick. Ammonia levels at 8.0 (the worst it can me at) he’s dying and I’m curious it I put him in a new clean tank if I can put aquarium salt in to heal him? thanks! LilBlub


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You need to cycle your tank to establish enough bacteria to breakdown the ammonia.
Even if you put him in 'clean' water the ammonia will simply build up again due to a lack of beneficial bacteria. Your frog is most likely going to die due to the immense stress caused by the ammonia.

In this case, aquarium salt will do very little to help anything. The damage is already done. Next time you need to be patient before adding livestock. You will not be a successful fish keeper unless you learn about the aquarium cycle.

Your best bet is to do water changes to reduce ammonia to as little as possible. Put a sponge filter in to provide surface area for the bacteria to grow. Once ammonia is below 1ppm (through water changes), use seachem prime to detoxify. Use a bacteria supplement to kick start the process (not usually recommended but in your case you have very few options). Even if you do this, it might be too little, too late.


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Sofievinson7787 said:
what do you mean livestock? he’s in his tank alone.
Livestock is any living breathing critter. Frog is part of it. The only chance he has is methylene blue baths and it may be too late but it’s a chance. Follow the directions on the bottle of the brand you buy for baths. Please do learn about the nitrogen cycle. I hope you can save this little one. Keep us posted? Please?

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