Can I mix types of skirt tetras?

  1. s

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    I'd like to get some skirt tetras, is it ok to have say 3 glofish ones, 3 white and 3 black skirt tetras?

    I know they are the same species...but will they realize that and school together?
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    If they are the same species, they should school together. Color doesn't prevent them from recognizing conspecifics.
  3. OP

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, wanted to double check. I have chickens...and they are terribly racist and do not care they are all the same species. They pick on the two that are a different color.
  4. weiji

    weiji Valued Member Member

    you surely could but unfortunately according to my observations on my black skirt tetras, it is not a schooling kind of tetra at all. on the contrarary they will sometimes pick on each other to fight a bit. the only time mine stay in a school is when i turn off the light at night and they will stay in school for a while before they are used to it.