Can I mix Rosy Barbs & White Cloud Mountain Minnonws?


HI Everyone,
About 2 weeks ago I setup my 25litre cold water aquarium with 2 live plants, gravel and some driftwood. About a week ago I got 2 White Cloud Mountain minnows (WCMM), I plan on getting some more in the next couple of weeks so they are in a group and can shoal together. I was wondering if I could later add 2 rosy barbs into the tank and if they would get on with the WCMM's. P.s the temp of the tank is around 20c.


I would not add Rosy Barbs to a 25L tank (which is about 6.6 gal). Rosy Barbs require much more space.

I wouldn't put Rosy Barbs in anything smaller than like a 55 gallon and must be in a school.

I believe the fish are compatible, but I would wait for someone else to respond to that.

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