Can i mix crabs and snails Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater Invertebrates' started by Mohib321, Apr 7, 2010.

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    The marine tank i bought 3 months ago was second hand running tank(2years as a reef). As I recieved all the rock, sand, filter and some water with all the living organisms I didn't have to endure the hassle of the tank cycle or so i thought. (Tank is 410 litres)

    I recieved the tank with a 18 inch snowflake moray eel and a humbug damsel. I sold these to the LPS (only got £15), and added the 2 shrimps, a week later adding another shrimp and the 2 clarki clowns. A few weeks later I added the blue cheek goby and the 4 hermits and the final shrimp.

    A few days after setting up the tanks, brown algae started to appear on the sand. After adding the shrimp and goby this cleared up but after a timer plug controlling the lights broke, the lights stayed on all night. The glass on the back of the tank now has 2 patches of brown algae where there is restricted water flow. This may be brown diatoms as the tank was disturbed when broken and set up again.

    I was wondering if there are any snails that I can add into the tank to reduce algae on the glass, which will be safe with the hermits about :;saber. Some people reccommed the nerite snails, but i cannot find any marine ones online.

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    Astrea snails are great at eating the brown diatoms. Turbo Snails are also effective at controlling the growth of undesirable algae ! ;)
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    Thanks for the reply.

    A friend of mine added the turbo snail to a tank which contained some small hermits, and a week later all the hermits had new shells;D:;smack. So i don't want to really add the turbo snails.

    Anybody else know of any snails that I can keep with hermits??
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    turbo nassuruth snails blue and red leg hermits .....usually they get along typically one per 1 or 2 gallons depending on stocking i dont have a problem in my 75 with 30~ hermits and 15~ turbos