Can I keep platy fry with tetra fry?

  1. llgarfield90 Initiate Member

    Aprox. 30 4-5 week old sunburst wag platy fry in their own tank, i have 10 3-5 day old glow light tetra fry in a breeder net I'm wondering if and when I can put them with the platy? Tia!
  2. MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't think the platies would eat other fry, they're not that much bigger anyhow. What I'm really wondering is how you got your glowlights to breed?!?! I have some along with black and blue neons and I would seriously die if I could get fry from them. I'm so jealous of you!!
  3. llgarfield90 Initiate Member

    Thanks! And honestly they did it on their own, I guess 10 is all that survived in our community tank but when I saw them I scooped them up! I thought both my glow lights were the same sex all this time, but clearly not!
  4. MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    Wow, even crazier that they were comfortable enough to breed without being in a proper school. I have eleven of them in my 29g community, I hope they'll make me some babies sometime!! They're starting to mature now to where the females are fatter than the males, so maybe soon... Good luck with yours!! My platy fry is about 3 months now and she's so timid, I could never imagine her eating anything that was alive.