Can I keep Electric Blue Acara with Zebra glofish


Hi everyone, I want to put an electric blue acara in my 50 gallon tank, but I've heard that they'll eat smaller fish. The tank currently has- 5 Giant Danios, 4 Zebra Glofish, 3 Zebra Danios, 5 Yoyo Loaches, and 1 Siamese algae eater. Would the danios be safe to keep with electric blue acara or are they too small?


I have had adult tetras of a similar size eaten by blue acara in one mouthful in a 50 gallon.
I recently lost an adult platy to some juvenile blue acara that just wanted to play rough . I added the adult platy to their tank and it was all over in 10 seconds.

It will work until it doesn’t Nandita.
Not recommended.


Oh, I see. What about the other fish in the tank? If I moved the danios to another tank, will I be able to house the blue acara without any problems?


I have found the electric blue acara and it’s brother the blue acara to be extremely peaceful. It’s only when these cichlids have eggs , fry or and trying to have eggs that they become defensive. This is true of even the smallest dwarf cichlid .

In short .
Eating anything that fits in its mouth is naturally behaviour. Breeding is also natural behaviour.

You wrote “ an “ acara which leads me to think you are writing of one fish? No breeding to worry about with one fish.

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