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Can I keep dojo loaches in a tropical tank?

  1. Andrew Sackett

    Andrew Sackett Valued Member Member

    I was wondering if I can keep dojo loaches in my tropical tank? I don't know my temp as of now but i imagine its in the mid or high 70's, could I check my temp with something like a thermometer?

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  2. Phishphin

    Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    I believe dojo loaches have a very wide range in temperature. I think they would be fine in a tropical tank!
  3. Kurty

    Kurty Valued Member Member

    Dojo loaches are a good community fish but they like a sand substrate cause they dig and sometimes cover themselves in sand,and they are very hardy but they are jumpers,so i a tight fitting hood is a must. A thermometer is a must I use a glass and one of those stick on ones to make sure my temp is acceptable,and a second opinion is always good.