Can I Keep A Striped Blend In An Aquarium With Clownfish


okay so I’m planning on getting a saltwater aquarium this summer 32 fusion cube

Here’s what I plan for stocking

2 ocellaris clownfish
1 hermit crab

I wanted more and trying to do only captive bred fish, since wild caught can hurt the ecosystem. I looked up captive bred fish on live aquaria and striped blenny came up. So can I keep them with the clownfish and hermit crab


No personal experience with that fish, butI don't see why not. I've seen reports of them being quite peaceful in the reef tank. This leads me to think that the blenny should be introduced well before the clowns. Let him get comfortable in the tank first, as clowns can be territorial. Provide lots of nooks and crannies with your live rock for the blenny, it will appreciate bolt holes. Here's a good article on them... very interesting fish.

Beware the blenny's bite!


Never mind, not really interested in venemous fish, I’d be to worried and saltwater fish (expecially captive bred are expensive.) also could I get captive bred coral. I’m not as worried, because coral isn’t sentient like fish are, but I’d rather not have wild caught just for conservation purposes


HI Ankers,

So a few things about "captive bred" essentially all fishes/corals were wild caught at some point.
Also, you'll have some sellers, say their stuff is aqua-cultured (captive bred). When they have just collected it from the ocean, sat it in their system and started growing/propagating. So aqua-cultured is loosely defined in the hobby right now.

However, if you are all about as aqua-cultured/captive bred as you can get... do check out ORA's website as they promote aqua-culturing across the board. So the things they sell to their distributors are all bred/grown from their facility.

I am going to disagree with you about corals and the disconnect with no emotions tied to it. I think a lot of us reefers here who care for their corals are very attached to their corals. It actually becomes your baby as you raise it. Like, from the day you bought it from the store as a tiny piece and slowly see it thrive and flourish into a bigger colony. A lot of hard work goes into caring for corals. I wake up every morning check out the tank to see if the corals all look okay. Come home from work, check on the corals and feed it. before bed... check on the corals. You really do become attached to them as corals are living animals as well. They are just a living animals with lots of 'polyps'. If you haven't already check out the documentary "Chasing Coral" that will give you great insight to corals and the appreciation for it. Corals are very sophisticated and if you stop and think about it... corals basically live on forever with their re-producing system (zooxanthellae). That's mind boogling! So imagine... When you start a tank, get your first small coral piece. Basically, if you practice good husbandry, you'll be able to hand it down to your kids or friends... and that coral piece could easily be 50 years old... and they pass it on... like wow.

Anyways... when a coral dies its your fault and it's very sad to see my corals die sometimes.


I didn’t mean you had no emotion tied to the coral I meant the coral itself lacks emotion while fish obviously do have emotions


Corals have plenty of emotions, but that's just me lol.

They can be moody one day... and next day they are full on happy and opening up.
When they are hungry, you'll see their tentacle stingers out and about searching for food.
My anemones sometimes get annoyed by my water flow and will start moving on it's own to a better area that they like.
When they are full, they won't eat and will poop out gunk.

Have you seen Chasing Coral? I do encourage you to watch it. Might change your perspective.


Okay I’ll have to watch it also thank you so much for Ora I’m glad I know that I can buy fish without wondering about the, being wild caught


Of course. But yeah, if you're completely new to the salty side... check out Chasing Coral.
I was taken away. I'm actually still taken away... I won't give anything away. Watch it!

I know a few of my Petco will get orders from ORA sometimes. You can order ORA fishes from some online retailers too like LiveAquaria, WWC I think as well


Not a coral, more of an invert but its all the same family, cnidarians, anyway I don't do technical science talk, but check this for emotion.
fc623001efb40d55801ee22d42c5a084.jpg thank-you for this tiny piece of food lol its looking ungrateful but thankful at the same time haha. Just pointing out "corals" are more alive than you think before you actually start getting into them.


Yeah, that’s pretty cool


Haha Grant.
Your anemone is saying "thank you great one for this piece of food. For that, I will not move around and sting your corals"


I also like the idea of captive bred fishes and aquacultured coral.... though yes, it was all taken from the wild at some point. However, from there, if we can breed and culture, less may be taken from the ocean from there on. I have to say though, reefers are conservationists, in that this hobby will more than likely save a LOT of species from extinction someday. I am truly grateful to have and care for a small example of nature's magnificent creation.

+1 on watching Chasing Coral


I think several loach species and dwarf puffers have been able to keep their numbers up through captive breeding

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