Can I keep a Peacock eel with a Zig-Zag eel (half-banded eel) in a 55 or 40 gallon planted aquarium?

Hi, I recently got a peacock eel for my 55 planted community aquarium. I love the little guy, he loves eating frozen bloodworms and other small frozen foods, he is about 3 inches long. Since it is a community tank with 23 neon tetras, 3 friendly angelfish, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 siamese algae eater, 1 blue orchid betta, 1 hillstream loach, 1 peacock eel, and 12 kuhli loaches, I was wondering if I would have a problem with the tetras or loaches when he gets older...I was also thinking about getting a blue neon goby for the 55 gallon but wanted to know if it would be okay with the peacock eel (his name is pip). As long as I don't feed him live foods (maybe with the exception of ghost shrimp and earthworms) would he learn not to hunt for my smaller fish?

Also if I ever end up needing to move him I have another 50 gallon I can move him into... my question is can I get a zig-zag eel (half banned eel) in my 50 gallon and would he and the peacock eel live peacefully together (even when they mature).

To summarize:

Planted, Community tank with 23 neon tetras,
3 friendly angelfish,
1 Bolivian Ram,
1 siamese algae eater,
1 blue orchid betta,
1 hillstream loach,
and 1, 3-4 inch peacock eel,
and 12 kuhli loaches

Planted 50 gallon:
5 giant danios
1 blue gourami (three spot gourami)
1 Delhezi Bichir
5 bronze corys
(possibly a zig-zag eel)

I also have a planted 5 gallon with ghost shrimp, 3 platies, and a dumbo betta (they get along really well)

And an empty 2.6 with just plant trimmings.

Will a full-grown peacock eel eat my neon tetras when he grows up?
Would my peacock eel be okay with a blue neon goby?
Would a peacock eel and a zig-zag eel be okay living together in a 50 gallon planted aquarium?

Thank you so much and any feedback would be appreciated!
I wouldn't. Half band eels are known to be territorial towards conspecifics. Peacock eels can be housed with others of their kind tho.

When the peacock eel grows larger, it might be able to eat the ram, betta, or possibly even the hillstream loach if it tries hard enough. The Khuli loaches are also likely to be in danger, as the eel can slurp them up like a worm. An adult peacock eel might even be able to swallow bronze cories, which could kill or injure both the cory and the eel.

If the peacock eel has a predatory temperament at all, then the neon tetras will definitely get eaten. Same with the blue neon goby. I wouldn't risk it. In fact, they might even get eaten by the halfband.

Zig zag and halfband eels are two different species of spiny eel, with zigzags getting up to around 3 feet.

I am assuming you plan to move the bichir to a larger aquarium soon? An adult Delhezi bichir is not only to big for a 50 gallon, but can eat pretty much any of the fish in your tanks.

Sorry if I sound too judgmental.
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Hi, thank you so much for the reply. The bichir is only in there as a grow-out tank (he is about 4") and will later be moved to a much larger tank... I decided that the half-banned eel won't be right for me and when my peacock eel grows larger I'll just move him to the 50 gallon with the larger fish (the corys will be moved to the 55 community tank later too)...and I won't risk the goby until all the predatory fish are out of the 55gallon. Thank you so much!

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