Can I Keep A Kribensis And Dwarf Gourami In The Same Tank?

  1. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Sorry for so many questions lately, but I was just doing some research and I found a site that says you can keep a Kribensis with a Dwarf Gourami. Is this true?
    If not how many Kribensis could I keep in a 29 Gal. Tank? Do they do better in a group or alone?
  2. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes, you can keep them together.

    What other fish do you have in the 29g? In this size tank, I wouldn't keep more than a pair (m/f).

  3. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I have 11 Corydoras, some are still still super small, others are full grown and 1 small female Bumblebee Platy and I already have one male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami.

    I guess I should add that I have 5 False Julii and 6 Sterbai.
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd only keep 1 krib then. If the m/f pair starts to breed, they might start getting aggressive towards the corys (corys don't really understand territories/boundaries. :p)

    As a side, I would also stick to one cory species and up their shoal in this tank size. They would do far better. :)

  5. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Sorry one more question.
    I am thinking about putting the False Julii's in my 20 gal and getting a couple more. If I do that how many Kribensis could I keep in the 29?
  6. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I would still just get two max (m/f) but again since you still have the sterbais in this tank, I would be cautious for the reasons mentioned. If you had a larger tank (55g or more), you might be able to fit more than a pair of kribs since they are very territorial but in this tank size, you don't have a lot of room for them to form territories and to get away from each other if they need to.
  7. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Guess I have a hard decision to make. I really don't want another tank, but I really really wanna keep all of my Corydoras. I also have a female Sterbai breeding with a male False Julii and I don't want any offspring from them.

    How bad would it be to keep the False Julii's in a 10 Gal or the Sterbai in a 10 gal?

  8. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Ok, Thanks. I think I'll stick with just one Kribensis in that case. I want this to be a super peaceful tank.
  9. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think that's a good idea. IME, kribs are not the most peaceful dwarf cichlid.

    Edit: As for your question on corys and tank size, a 10g would really be too small for them. I wouldn't keep them in a tank less than 24" long.
  10. Over It Well Known Member Member

    That's what I figured. Guess I'll have to make some tough decisions. I honestly think they would be ok together in the 29, but I would like to breed them or at least give them the chance to breed if they want to, but I don't want the species to interbreed.

  11. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    They're also not temp compatible. False juliis like it around 74-75 and sterbais prefer it a little warmer. Not much temp overlap.
  12. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I'm taking back one of my Dwarf Gourami's in a min. Can I get a couple Thick Lipped Gourami's if I take back both of the Dwarf Gourami's?
  13. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Never mind. I kept one of the Dwarf Gourami's as he is just gorgeous and I think I'll just him for now.

    I also returned my False Julii Corys and got more Sterbai. Now up to 13 Sterbai (lost one already) but will rehome a few if they all make it so I only have 10. Some are super small, so we'll see how they do.
  14. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    It's best not to have more than one gourami species esp in this tank size. I also think it was the right thing to do to take one DG back if they were both male since they can get pretty aggressive with each other.

    I think if all your sterbais make it, you'd be fine keeping them all.
  15. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. I could definitely see what you all were talking about. They weren't flat out fighting, but they weren't enjoying each others company.

    I think for now at least I'm gonna just have the 1 Dwarf Gourami and my 1 Platy and the Sterbai's so I can focus on them and making sure they do well. I think the tank looks really nice and it'll look even better one everyone settles in.