Can I Keep 2 1.5 Inch Goldfish In A 10g Temporarily?

Do you think this would be okay as a temporary goldfish set up?

  • Yes, They can live happily!

  • Yes, It should be fine, but only temporarily!

  • Maybe, It depends.

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(NOTE: I am not cruel and do not want to harm these fish in any way, this is simply a question regarding their care! If you can not give me a respectful answer, please do not answer the question, Thank You!)

Okay, here goes!

I purchased two comet goldfish from a pet store today for my son's science fair project. We have family friends who have a pond and they will be taking the goldfish in the spring when the pond thaws (April-ish) Until then however, I would just like to know if my tank set up would be suitable for 2 comet goldfish. The set up is a ten gallon plastic bin. It has no filter yet but we will be growing duckweed on the surface soon and that is supposed to control ammonia and nitrate levels. The bin has an air pump for oxygen. It is also not your average bin as it has a height of about 4 inches and has a very large surface area. It has no heater but does have some plastic plants and rocks. The goldfish have been introduced to their new home and seem happy, but can I keep this up for 4 months?
Thanks for the help,
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Yes, but without a filter are you allowed to do water changes? In a natural ecosystem water moves in (rain, runoff) and out (evaporation, animals drinking, rivers that drain it) and there are far more plants than just duckweed. I know that duckweed is good for absorbing nitrates, one of the best in fact, but there will also be other plants growing both submerged and along the water's edge, that preferentially use ammonia.

You shouldn't need a heater for goldfish provided you're not in a place where this minI pond will freeze.

Would love to hear more about the project!
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HI Varkie Welcome to FishLore!
I did not vote. Imo a 4 inch tall container isn't suitable for the next four months. Look at the side view of the fish. What's the measurement from the tip of the dorsal fin to the tip of the pelvic fin. How about the tail? There probably isn't much vertical space for them to move.

A picture might help.
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Didn't consider that, thanks Lucy!
Ayushman Singh
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I'll not recommended you doing that as the container is way too shallow you should look for a deeper container and will recommend you to buy a sponge filter it is inexpensive and will work but you'll still have to do water changes every week, goldfish are the cows of aquarium they'll eat any plants they find so unless you have enough plants that can grow faster then the rate at which goldfish will eat them, the plants won't last long the goldfishes are small so the plant might actually survive for got to see that a picture will help alot
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Use a larger bin (>30 gallons), they are very cheap. Also get a good sponge filter and hook it up to the air line. Should be ~$25, get a food safe tote at Walmart or similar and the filter from eBay, they often have fast and free shipping for low priced goods. The duckweed won't do much, especially if you don't have good lighting. It will also be eaten by the goldfish. Keep up with large water changes, and good luck!
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Thanks for all the replies everyone!
I will look into getting a bigger tub and a sponge filter sometime very soon but until then they will have to do with the frequent water changes and duckweed! Thank You!
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Get a larger storage bin like 40 gallons. I saw one today that was 130 litres and cost £12.

A canister filter is better suited to goldfish as they produce a massive amount of waste.

I would recommend having it bare bottom for easier cleaning and do at least a 40% every other day. It may seem like a lot but common and comet goldfish can easily reach a foot in length and will get stunted. I temporarily kept 2 shubunkins in a 20 gallon storage bin in quarantine. They had a filter and I was doing 70% water changes every day, it was only for 2 weeks though.

I give my goldfish duckweed as a treat. I would expect yours to eat it.
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Nope. You need to cycle it.

Nope. You need to cycle it.
And, it is just a bit small
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They need more room to swim back and forth so I'd have to say that I agree that they need a bigger container even for a temporary home.

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