Can I Flip My 45 Tank? Clean/replace? Without Losing Bb?

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I've struggled for the past year with my tanks - I have a 10 gallon and a 45g. Intially, the ten danios in the 45 were doing great, and the varied fish in the 10 were sickly. Eventually, all the store-bought fish in the 10 gallon died off one by one, though three of the platy fry survived (and still look fine now as adult females in the 10 gallon). Once the store-fish in the 10 were all dead, the danios in the 45 started dying off one by one. I've posted here many times previously (it's been a while), and the best reason we have found is that my water has terrible GH/KH, and even with supplementing, my KH in particular was always being used up... I don't think I ever got the tanks really stable.

I also had some sort of bloom in the 45 tank one time, several months ago, after I was on vacation (had a teenager feeding the fish that week+), and the ornaments turned bright green. I have scrubbed and scrubbed the tank, but I still get green growing on the hood/lights, and brown patches on the glass and ornaments between water changes. All artificial decor.

So here's the question - the final danio died today... sucked into the canister intake. At this point, I realize I probably just need to start the tank over - but how much "over" is the question? I'm wondering if that means bleaching and rinsing, or replacing ornaments/PFS/decor... What about tubing on canister and HOB? Do I need to replace media, or can I save that somehow? I'm willing to try again with the osmotic issues, but I'm really not sure how the green/brown bloom issue affects the viability of anything else in the tank at this point. I am wondering if I can just remove decor and try to keep it fishless-cycled until I can decide what to do next, or if the media needs to be tossed, or if cleaning the tank will destroy all the BB as well?

What else am I missing? Does it still sound like osmotic issues, or is there something really stupid I've been doing this whole time? (Both tanks, PH tended to be about 8.2, KH 4-7, GH 12ish. Tap KH and GH are 1-2 each.)


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I would do a complete tear down and rebuild. You can add potassium permanaganate and run it through everything for a few days before neutralizing with dechlorinator. Then take everything apart, spray all your accessible hard surfaces with 70% rubbing alcohol. Take your time choosing what you want to end up with and get healthy stock direct from breeders if possible. I've torn down and rebuilt so many times, I can't even count (already had my evening glass of wine). It will be worth it
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