Can I Add More?

  1. Remmy Member Member

    I currently have my 40 gallon tank which has been doing great for the past month now. I've got real plants added (though my corys keep picking up my dwarf grass), real rocks and real driftwood added.

    My current stock is:

    1 green phantom pleco
    4 red rosy tip barbs (long tailed)
    3 spotted corydoras (I think, my lfs wasn't really sure either)
    2 powder blue gourami

    I really wanted to see if I could add in a schooling fish. Like maybe some tetras? Would like some feedback even if it's to say that I'm currently fully stocked.
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I would get another 3 Corys, and 10 small Tetras, or Rasboras. How big are your barbs? Sorry I'm unfamiliar with this species.

  3. Cherie G Member Member

    I agree about the cories in particular. When I first got some I did not realize they should be kept in groups of at least 8 so I only had 4. Noticed a huge difference for the better when I got their school up to 8.
  4. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    6+ is ideal, though 8 is even better

  5. Cherie G Member Member

    Thank you for the correction, I must have 8 on the brain because I have 8 myself. They are such cute, fun little fish I would have more if I could!
  6. Remmy Member Member

    Okay, I'll definitely get 3 more cories. I love them anyways, they are probably my favorite fish in my community so far.
  7. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    what are your dimensions? you might be able to get 8 or 10 corys depending on dimensions?

    Their is some stocking issues regarding temp. Rosy barbs get between 4-6" and need to be schools of 6+ also require cold water between 68f-72f and peperred corys as well need 68f-72f where as green phantom plecos need warmer water 78f-82f.

  8. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    You can keep the Pleco and the Corys together. Most Corys have been bred for hotter tropical tanks because they are a popular beginner fish (though in my opinion they shouldn't be), and most beginners keep tropical tanks. So most of today's Corys are meant for a tropical aquarium. I keep mine at 78 degrees. When I still didn't know any better I kept them at 80 degrees, and when they were put in 70 degree water I almost lost 3 of them. I did not know about the Barbs, as I said in my earlier post I'm unfamiliar with them. I also would not worry about the temp too much. Most fish nowadays are kept in the wrong temp. Unless the fish is wild caught they are usually kept in the average community temp (73-79).
    PS I am not including Goldfish.
  9. FreshWaters Member Member

    I'd get neon or glowlight tetras and if the 3 c cats you have are happy and do fine then don't bother hopping in the schooling c cats wagon because I started off with one that came free because the employee accidentally scooped him with others and let me keep him. I did research and found people said NEVER keep less than 5 c cats or they will...idk what they said but the single one was happy and healthy and I got a month later another species of c cats and only got 2 and the 3 get along fine a and healthy.
  10. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    3 will work fine. But if you have the room 6+ is much better, and she has the room so why not.

  11. FreshWaters Member Member

    PS my small c cats are with tetras,platies ,a gbr, a blue gourami, and some chain loaches with ghost shrimp and snails

    I understand but what's the diff between fine and better,I just want to understand what actual difference will it make on them. Maybe one day I'll just remove my platies and get more c cats to find the secret. Or maybe its just that they look nicer as a school rather than single or just a few?
  12. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    to begin they should be kept in large schools , the larger the better , in nature they are in hundreds if not thousands grouped, fish can't speak they may seem happy but in reality would much appreciate the company of more which would bring out their personality even more. Also the OP clearly has space for more corys so why not add more????

    as a fish hobbyist you should try your best to replicate their natural habitat.
  13. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Again it's not required, but why not if you have the space.
  14. FreshWaters Member Member

    Be free in the current not washed away by it. But I guess it is a preference of keeping them in bigger groups. If all is OK then I'd get what I wanted to begin with rather than what's recommended upon preference as opposed to something necessary like a single neon tetra alone with other which will be constantly paranoid. Depending in the size if the other fish I'd only up the numbers for safety and comfort for the fish,not hard felt preference.
  15. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    I'm confused so you believe neons tetra should be in big numbers but corys shouldn't and why is that?
  16. FreshWaters Member Member

    But just to feed my curiosity I'm off to buy a few more c cats ! You guys REELED me in! I'm out. Goodluck with the stock I'm sure it won't end bad and you'll be relaxing and satisfied in no time

    Neons are tiny and the school helps,my c cats are the medium sizers in my 40gallon and the only larger guy is the gourami so other than the gbr there's none bigger than my c cats in my tank,and in MY tank the neons are the smallest,would 1 neon get harassed in my tank?I'm guessing yes,my single c cats never got harassed. So it wasn't extremely detrimental to the fishes health or sanity .