Can I add more? 20 Gallon Tank

  1. slashgash Member Member

    I just got a 20 gallon tall tank from someone on craigslist, with it came 3 black skirt tetras, 4 sunset platys, 1 ghost catfish, and a chinese algae eater.

    Im not going to be keeping the Chinese algae eater, because Ive read that they get way too big for my tank and get very aggressive as adults.

    My question is, I know ghost catfish are schooling fish and this little guy is all alone. Is there anyway I can add a few more ghost catfish? The lady I got them from said the ghost catfish has been in there longest. She said he's the hardiest fish in there, but I know them to be quite the opposite. She said she even had him and a 7 inch goldfish in the 20 gallon tank together at one point :(
  2. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    You will also need to rehome the black skirts, as they will get too large for this tank and also need a larger school.

    You also need a larger school of the glass fish.
  3. slashgash Member Member

    Really? I was told that the black skirts are fine for a 20 gallon.
  4. slashgash Member Member

    And I know I need a larger school of the ghost catfish. Thats what im asking, if Id be overcrowding too much if I added more.
  5. Fall River Member Member

    Told by whom? From personal experience Tetras need a lot more horizontal swimming space than a 20gal tank provides. I have a school of 9 in a 40 gal, and I think that is still too small (it's 36 inches).
  6. slashgash Member Member

    I was told by someone on here... I cant quite remember who. Also, anything ive read about them says they need a minimum of 10 gallons. But, if they need more space ill rehome them.
  7. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    I would pick up 2 more ghost cats. They really do need more of their own kind.

    As for the blackskirts, keep an eye on them. In smaller groups they can get nippy.
  8. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    I think they are deceiving. They start out about the size of dimes in the lfs and my husband had a school of them and they got to be absolutely HUGE! We hadn't expected it. Sadly, almost all references to tank size on various sites should be revised.

    He had 5 of them and they outgrew a 30 gallon tank.

    If you keep just the two appropriate species in this tank, you can easily have a school of 4-5 glassfish.
  9. slashgash Member Member

    Okay, and I see what you mean by they can get nippy. When i first put them in the tank they were schooling quite nice. Now they are chasing each other around nipping each other.

    Also, I think I need either more females platys or to take the one female I have out and put her in a seperate tank. I was given two male, one female, and a baby platy and the female is constantly being harassed by the two males, shes not looking so good.
  10. slashgash Member Member

    My black skirts are about the size of quarters right now
  11. slashgash Member Member

    Okay, it looks like I cant move my female platy into my other tank. My other tank has a female baby betta and 3 ADFs in it. As soon as I put her in the betta started nipping her, so I put her back in the 20 gallon