Can I Add More Guppys?

  1. Nikki nuke Initiate Member

    Hi i have a planted 20 gallon long tank. It was originally going to be my African dwarf frog tank and betta tank but out of the five African dwarf frogs I bought only to have lasted me and my betta was getting to stressed so I took him out. So now I just have to African dwarf frogs One oto 5 salt and pepper corydoras 6 Guppies 2 mystery snails and some shrimp. Do you think I'd be able to add more Guppies and also I was wondering do snails and shrimp take up the biological load like fish do

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  2. ChiefBrody Member Member

    Yes little creatures take up little bio-loads. Snails are especially waste producing. You can always get more guppies and if you're mixing sexes it's gonna happen whether you like it or not. Now I only say this cuz they're hardy (and they're guppies). A more delicate fish maybe not. Amphibians make a LOT of waste compared to fish and reptiles really need there own waste collection sytem that would be independent of the "aquarium filter". With snails and shrimp to eat frog tirds your good but how bout adding some more of the exact species of corydoras you have? They sweep every inch of that tank every day (night) and you could just let the guppies breed. They can't get out of control with the frogs there to keep them in check. No fry could really last in an African frog tank, they're voracious. I'd even be interested to see a cichlid try to defend against them things are vicious. I had one that chewed the leg off an eastern newt twice his size
  3. Nikki nuke Initiate Member

    I would add more corys but they blend in with my substrate so I wanted to add more colorful fish and all my Guppies are male because I've never Bread fish I didn't want to have to meny babys and i wasent sure if the adf could eat the babys witch i wouldent mind them doing.

    If i added females how meny should i get maybe trade some males in?
  4. Manjit Member Member

    can you not increase the water level....?
    then you can have few more fishes easily
  5. Nikki nuke Initiate Member

    I can't increase the water level above 12 inches because of the frogs if they don't get air they can drown and die
  6. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    It's best to rehome or get a separate tank for your frog. They don't compete well for food and they also might try to eat the fish due to their poor eyesight. You also have temp incompatibility with the frog as they like it it in the upper 70s while your oto and salt/pepper corys prefer no higher than 74-75. I would also increase your otos and corys to around 6-8.

    As for the guppies, you could probably add another 6 but I would get all males to avoid fry.
  7. Manjit Member Member

    why dont you try some endleers insted of guppy
  8. Nikki nuke Initiate Member

    On a note of the temperature I am not allowed apparently to lower the thermostat lower than 80 so my tank is always at 80 no matter what there's no way I can cool it down I was actually thinking about rehoming the auto and rehoming my one albino corridors which would leave me just the four corys and I have a spare tank but that's where I put that betta fish in and he doesn't seem to be too happy in the five gallon tank I have him in he's never really looked like a happy betta honestly. Also I've been using tongues to Target feed my frogs they only eat 4 times a week and the leftover food is always eaten by the corridors the guppies don't seem to go down to the bottom to eat. How big do salt and pepper corydoras get with adding two more be too much that would make six total after I get rid of the one albino

    What's the difference of endlers and Guppies I wouldn't want to have to be home I got these and they look very similar to endlers and I don't even think I've seen those sold at any of the pet stores I go to
  9. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Since you have two different cory species, I would rehome all the salt/pepper corys for the reason mentioned previously. You can then up the albino corys you have to 6-8. But again, I wouldn't keep the frog there. 80 seems a bit high for guppies or endlers. And as for differences, the endlers are a lot smaller than the guppies.
  10. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    Endlers are basically a type of guppy from Venezuela. They are genetically traceable but can still interbreed with guppies. I wouldn't throw male Endlers into this tank as they'll harass the bigger guppy males, mistaking them for girls, and they can do the same with the corys. I used to advocate keeping all male tanks, but they get so frustrated and can start leaping out of the tank looking for girls, that I've stopped advising this. Temperature-wise, Endlers and hardy guppies (less so the overbred fantails) can handle 80 degrees F with no problem. It's when the temperature goes up and down too quickly that they'll have trouble. If you move the corys, you could throw in another 8 or so male guppies, but be advised that some may be territorial and start ripping tails. It just depends.
  11. Nikki nuke Initiate Member

    Im thinking about just waiting till i move in like 3 month, buying a bigger tank and making it into a guppie tank maybe... Id keep this tank and have just my betta and frogs in the 20. I had it like that at first and everything was aok! Also betta was happy. Hes in a 5g now and i think he is depressed hes just chills at the top all day..
  12. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I have two guppy tanks and they are a blast.