Can I add more guppies to a tank that already has fish

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I got guppies back in August and they have all done great (only 1 died because he was stressed by the other guppies that were attacking him)
I want to add a couple more guppies because I have a 10 gallon and the tank looks very empty and lonely with the couple guppies I have.

I will not get any males, but maybe 2 more females and I also want to get a pleco, I have done research and have found a kind that remains small.

But I am wondering if adding new fish will mess up my water and make my other guppies stressed.

How should I go about this, what techniques do you use, and what is the easiest way to do this so that I do not stress any of the fish?
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Live plants will help fill your tank and keep your water much healthier - especially once they grow in. It'll also lower the stress in your fish. I like 5 or 6 guppies in a 10 gallon. It starts to get crowded after that - but some might go a little higher. I wouldn't get a pleco, maybe consider a couple snails or amano shrimp. Just my suggestions ;-).
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Adding more guppies shouldn't be a problem. To be on the safe side I wouldn't add more than two or three at a time.

Like HupGupp said, I'm not aware of any species of pleco that I'd recommend putting in a ten gallon tank. I know some of them stay small, but they are still very active and need more room. A twenty gallon long tank (as opposed to a standard 20, since it has a larger footprint) is probably the smallest I'd try.
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So I finally got the guppies and added them to the tank... I got one highly pregnant guppy that was in an odd tank by herself (only guppy in the tank) with loaches, plecos, and other big fish just chillin and eating the moss off the plant.
And then I got 2 endler guppies that were male. I will come back to them....
And then instead of a pleco, I instead got an albino Cory catfish and a red rabbit snail ( the snail is literally my favorite he is so stinking cool and usually I am grossed out by bugs).

Now back to the 2 males... I did not know these were males when I got them it looked like it had a gravid spot and it turned out they were males.

I took them home put them in the tank for more than 2 hours to acclimate. When I put them in I slowly noticed the males were harassing my larger female guppies that I originally had.they were bitting my females tails. So I scooped up the male guppies put them in a cup and let them sit in the tank that was set up beside them and then the next day let them go in it. I do not have a filter in there I just used one of my old filters in had saved in case I needed one. I do a water change every morning Ning to get rid of ammonia in the tank.

Now that the males are out of the tank I notice that 2 of my original guppies, both silver and black turn their eyes totally black when ever I go to the tank.. they get really territorial in their tank. They don't fight from what I can tell. But their eyes are turning black all the time and when I put a towel over their tank and then out the lights they are fine and then when I remove it and turn the light back on they do it all over again. Anyone know why this could be happening.there is only 1 new guppy in the tank and the catfish and snail and all they do is sit at the bottom and eat.. could the pregnant one be letting out hormones and the other fish arre aggravated by that?
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When guppies turn their eyes dark, that's a mood symptom. Not every guppy is able to do that. But it does prove that they are descendants of Trinidadian guppies. In the wild there are a group of guppies in Trinidad and Tobago that do have this ability. But note that not all guppies from Trinidad and Tobago have this ability. Nowhere else will you find guppies with this ability unless they are released by man.

In modern guppy strains, all kinds of wild guppies (Poecilia reticulata, Poecilia obscura, Poecilia kempkesi) have been used to breed different fancy guppies. But there are also fancy strains that are derived by crossing guppy to a micropoecilia species and endler species. And such crosses do result in fertile offspring.

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