Can I Add More Fish To My Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Tristen, May 19, 2019.

  1. Tristen Valued Member Member

    I have a 40 gallon breeder, I want to add 6 panda Corydoras. Would I have room for more fish.
    I currently have 5 kuhli loaches, 10 neon tetras, and 1 honey gourami. I am going to add in another honey gourami once he is done with quarantine. Any ideas for what else I can add. The tank looks pretty empty because I never see the khuli loaches. Any ideas on how I can get them to come out more. I am looking for peaceful fish only.

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  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Panda corries and even the neons prefer cooler temps in the low-mid 70's whereas the loaches like it right around high 70's to low 80's. It may be worth choosing another species of corydoras for this reason.

    As for more mid-top dwelling fish there's a good amount of room for another school IMO. Look around and see what local stores have, just make sure they are temperature compatible and not known to be nippy. I've always been tempted to try dwarf neon rainbow fish and emperor tetras but I can't say for sure if they are temp compatible with what you have.

  3. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    You could always increase the numbers of the Kuhli loaches. I've found that when I had 6 they preferred to hide more until I got 6 more, then they were a little more adventurous. I also had a creeping carpet-like effect of crypt wendtii bronze due to the high light, so it did simulate that added sense of security of shelter and dimmed lighting that the kuhlis prefer.

  4. Tristen Valued Member Member

    How many khuli loaches do you have now. I have 5 and I never see them and it’s kind of upsetting. I think they are so cool but don’t ever see them unless all my room lights are out and I wait for a while. Then I have to use a very dim light to look into the tank. I don’t want to add many more. I already have a planted tank with lots of hiding spaces but I never see them. Any other suggestions?

    I see what your saying about the temperature for the panda Corys. I usually keep the temperature at 80F. Everywhere I’ve read it says neons can for from 71-81 degrees just fine. What type of Corydoras would work well for me then?
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  5. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

    How about 10 -15 more neons? A big school of those looks awesome in a planted tank!
  6. Tristen Valued Member Member

    I was thinking of that, but I want to mix up all the fish I have.
  7. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

    What about 20 runny nose tetras? That would be a nice contrast.
  8. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    add 8 more khuli loaches they do much better in a much higher number.only from what i've read... I don't have any but am hoping to eventually. Not a stocking pro but i bet a 40 breeder could easily house 25 or so Neons. 15 khulis... If your having luck with the Neons your getting from wherever your getting them i'de keep with it and up the school before a new batch comes in. and just keep the 1 happy honey gourami to roam the top area
  9. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

    Rummy nose dang autocorrect.

    No matter how many khuli loaches you have they will all congregate under a rock till nightfall lol. They are a beautiful yet frustrating fish.
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  10. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    Bless you ;)
  11. Gavius New Member Member

  12. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    I have 12 of them. If you dont want to add more then maybe rehome them and get another type of bottom dweller. If you go the corydoras route with your temperature, probably albino/bronzes, sterbai, or if you can find emeralds.
  13. jehorton Valued Member Member

    I currently only have two kuhli loaches in my 135 and they are always out. They are older so maybe that is why. But I think rainbows are great and they are peaceful fish.
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  15. wintermute Valued Member Member

    I have some video evidence to dispute that :D  

    We have five khuli loaches. Originally three (three when the video was taken). They were reclusive for two weeks then all of a sudden were out in the daytime for hours, even with the light on. They have just in the last week or so gone back to being reclusive again. I have a theory that they go into hiding when it's a full moon. Time will tell :)

    Tristen, we have Dalmation Molly's and Espei Rasboras in with the khuli loaches, and they all seem to get along very well. The only thing is the Molly's gobble up all of the food. They absolutely love the Khuli's sinking wafers. If I add any more fish, it will probably be some cardinal tetras, but I also like the rummy nose tetras, that will be it though I think, as I don't want to end up over stocked.

    The fish have been added in stages, and it is very interesting to watch how the behavior changes, when new fish are introduced. The molly's have started schooling since the Rasboras were intrdoduced, and the rsapbora's have started to just go off on their own doing their own thing (which is how the molly's normally behave) I've seen the Molly's and the rasboras taking turns at swimming against the current of the filter outflow too. I find it very entertaining :D

  16. DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    Im going to be totally honest here: I dont think your stock is ideal. Honey Gourami and Kuhli Loaches really prefer low 80's where your Neons would love to be around 74 ideally. Its a huge temp difference and if you keep your Neons too hot it will speed up their metabolism and shorten their life span, if you keep the Kuhlis and Gourami too cold it will lead to immune system problems, Ich, swim bladder and digestion issues, disease, etc. Id trade the Neons for something that can handle warm water, like Cardinal Tetras, Rasbora Hets, etc.

    And Kuhli Loaches are generally a reclusive bottom dweller. Ive kept them for over 25 years and Ive NEVER had one dart around in the mid column/upper level of the tank in open water unless something was wrong. They enjoy borrowing around in substrate, leaf litter, driftwood, etc. Yours appears to be stressed.
  17. candiedragon Well Known Member Member

    Maybe you can do a Neon Dwarf (aka Praecox) Rainbow school, or perhaps some Green Fire Tetras. You could always increase your Honey Gouramis into a nice little group.

    I still think your kuhlis would benefit with more of their own kind. Alternatively, as I've said in your other thread, you could rehome them and get another bottom dweller such as corydoras.
  18. wintermute Valued Member Member

    Hmmm ok. My first reaction when I saw them doing this was that something must be wrong, so I googled and found a lot of people posting about the same sort of behaviour. The general response in all the queries I checked was that it was normal and a sign that they were feeling safe in their environment. So I stopped worrying.....

    I might start another thread (or search for one) on khuli loach behaviour so as not to hijack this one :) I've only had them for about a month, so I'm certainly no expert!!!

  19. Lajos Valued Member Member

    Perhaps you can refer to this discussions.

    You can have:
    1) A few beautiful centerpiece fish:
    Some beautiful Cichlids fish like the German Blue Ram, Bolivian Ram, Apistogrammas, etc for soft water.

    For hardwater, you can have some African Cichlids like Neolamprologus species but they are not suitable with Neon Tetras.

    2) 2-3 groups of schooling fish:
    - 1-2 groups of top/middle level fish like Tetras (50+ species to choose), Rasboras, Barbs, etc.
    Tetras are under Characin family.

    - 1 group of bottom level fish like Corydoras, Loaches, etc.

    Schooling fish are active fish that are constantly moving. They make your tank more "lively".

    Let me know if you need more information.
    I've kept many species of fish - South American, Central American, Asian, African and Australian fish.
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  20. Tristen Valued Member Member

    I can always switch it I have an extra 20 gallon but I’ve read that neons can tolerate low 80s just fine.