Can I add a Vampire Shrimp to my existing tank?


I currently have a 29G high tank filtered with an Fluval Aquaclear 50 HOB filter housing 6 Sterbai corydoras and 6 honey gourami along with some pond snails. I was wondering if I would be able to add in a Vampire Shrimp? This is the general set up of my tank (the pic is from when I got my corydoras, so it has been established for about 2-3 months now with the full stocking), so if I could add Vampire Shrimp, is there anything I would need to change? Thank you!



Hey, of course you can. Both those species will cause no problems for vampire, bamboo and amano shrimps. I have vampire shrimp in with the much larger pearl gourami and larger aneus cory.
Word of warning, they are incredibly shy as a shrimp, getting them a little tunnel that's near the front of the aquarium is a good way to see them. You may want to get more than one for this reason.
Also I think they do better in the presence of other more confident shrimp species to let them know it's safe. Shrimp are like 0 to bio load, so you could add quite a few shrimp companions.
I think bamboo/wood shrimp are the best, they are generally very confident around fish in my experience, especially in a group of like 6, and they have the same diet as vampire shrimp which helps on the food bills.
I see you have a nice piece of wood there, if the outflow is pointed towards it, they will all stand on it and fan to 'catch' microoraganisms in the flow
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