Can goldfish eat shrimp and krill?


Hello : ) I feed my goldfish a varied diet - 2 types of pellets, bloodworms and algae wafers (they won't eat veggies, but they love these). Someone gave me some freeze-dried baby shrimp and krill. What I don't get is, krill and shrimp are saltwater organisms, so I don't see how it would ever be natural for goldfish to eat these, but some people I know say they can. Before I feed them, I just want to know, are they safe?


yes they can..and even soak them in fresh garlic juice first so they can help build their immune system


yup, in the wild they wouldn't come across krill, but other shrimp and stuff they would.. but its perfectly safe, as your not adding the salt water it came from. also as Shawnie said, if you got garlic juice soak it.(not ALL shrimp are SW.. take ghost shrimp as an example)


there are freshwater shrimp also. But yes a balanced diet with meats and veggies is always good. If you can get them into eating fresh veggies, even better.

Also, Krill is used as a great color enhancer for fish, because of the astaxanthin chemical that is in them. If you read the ingredient list on many different pellets and flake foods, you will see that many contain krill meal or shrimp meal
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